Gaming: With Friends: Part 1: Pros

Gaming. The word had been both synonymous with fun and with being slightly socially awkward. Really in the modern day environment I find it odd that the average person, well I say average I mean typical, I say typical I mean random person I talk to on the street, does not play video games. This may be because most people currently alive are older and did miss out on the gaming boom that has recently struck, though with the recent casual gaming and mobile gaming rush has removed most of the stigma that used to permeate gaming. Still, calling people who play Farmville (do people still play that?) and other such games, gamers does hurt my soul. Therefore as far as I’m concerned gamers are those who play a wide variety of games on a multitudes of systems (this include board games, card games, table top games and other such none electronic games). So, no those that “hardcore” gamers that have only played CoD (wonderful game by the way) and only have one video game system are those that I do not see as gamers. Apologies if you’re either or both, no wait no apologies, that wouldn’t fit my Persona (a better game by the way).

Anyways moving on to the actual topic at hand, which albeit may be hard to tell because of all of the colons in the title (trope!). Gaming: With Friends: Part 1: Pros. Well let’s start with the pros as those are not only the first that you notice but also the easier ones to point out. Well the most important one it entertainment value, when you play a game with other people, hell when you play a game near other people, who are invested and also enjoying it, everything about it becomes brighter and louder and just better. The biggest example of this I can think of is at conventions. The atmosphere of a convention is something that is just amazing, it’s a huge mass of people who are all spending their money and time in order to indulge into what they love, and when you get those people in a room with a copy of Smash Bros. or a copy of Munchkin, well then things are going to get rowdy. Hell simply watching other people play and enjoy Smash Bros. with other people becomes miles funner than simply playing something by yourself. Then when you do actually get to play, it’s all the more fun, because what makes gaming with other people is not the action itself but the atmosphere it creates or bolsters.

Moving right along, we’ll go directly to the next bullet point. Ease. Sometimes even the best of us, are stumped. We’re stuck, we’re fu- not in a nice place. Well the best way to get out of anything is not to be there (thank you Mr. Miyagi). When it comes to gaming there is nothing different, many of us younger siblings can attest to the fact that whenever we’ve gotten stuck in a game, be it because of that one puzzle, or that one boss, or that one temple even (curse you moving water, cures you Dark Link cures you Water Temple!) the best way to solve it is to get someone else to do it for you. When gaming with others you have the option of always getting help form other people, be it when you’re fighting for your life on the ground and someone helpfully phaselocks you back up on your feet, or when you toss your controller angrily towards your best friend because they’ve already done this boss twice, having some else there be it in the game or outside makes gaming much easier, less frustrating and therefore so much more fun.

Competition is a word that evokes quite a bit of imagery when said. It may stir the thought of glorious victory or just make you feel the need to puke. Regardless of it’s affects on one though, it is doubtless that competition is the one of the main things that has not only risen gaming to what it is, but also risen the human race to what it is. Competition is one of the main motivations that drive us forward to achieve and to better ourselves. The sight of people wallowing in their ow- I mean… Er- friendly competition is one of the seeds that leads to such amazing things such as Starcraft still being played even today, Donkey Kong still being relevant (well that was a couple years back) and overall just making humans awesome. Once more gaming is no different in that competing with other is the only way some people game.

Well there are quite a few more pros, but the rule of three drives me (trope!). Prepare for the next gaming article, coming whenever, which will maybe focus on more pros or just skip towards the cons.

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