Late Post #1: The First of Many

I’m not that late! I swear! It’s only been nine minutes!

Well since I want to get this out as soon as possible to maintain my goal of 100 words per day, this will be a much shorter post. It will also be the first journal entry.

So today was the day that some of my friends threw a charity dinner. I was the happily voluntold MC of the night who had to not only direct the chaos but also be part of it. Luckily however it seems that all of the attendees had even logic and sanity that they kept most of their wits. Therefore there really wasn’t all that much for me to do.

Still, with my voice sore from shouting, both during my role as MC and during the large dance/rave we had. I regretfully decide to end this post as soon as I can. Which is now.


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