Hataraku Maou-sama: Episode 1

I’ve been wanting to throw out another aniblog post for a while, and because I’m very lazy, I’m just going to post about something that came out a few days ago.

Fear him.
The demon king is all of his glory.

“Hataraku Maou-sama” which roughly translates to,”The Devil is a Part-Timer!” is a gag comedy that centers around the misadventures of Sadao Maou and his loyal servant Shirou Ashiya. The two of them terrorized their world by killing millions of people, burning down villages and overall just being cruel and horrible to the entirety of their world.

They ruled with iron fists and were the most hated people in their entire world. It is no surprise then, that people rose above the tide in order to challenge them, defeat them and then kill them.  Of course they manged to accomplish the first two of that three.

Like in most games or animes that deal with a big bad (trope!), the demon king only inches away from his defeat, flys into the sky and vows his vengeance overall that hinder his reign. Wrought with injuries the demons king and his servant flee through a world gate and travel across dimensions into modern day Tokyo.

Yes. Modern day Tokyo.

That just screams hijinks eh?
That just screams hijinks eh?

With nothing else to do, Maou uses the small bit of magic he has left to obtain as much information about the world as possible. Once again proving that hypnosis is the best superpower ever, Maou secures everything he needs in order to be able to survive in this world. A valid family registry, a bank account and a one room apartment. Yes, Maou is now living the low middle class life of the modern era.

Now of course this was all simply the set up that occurred during the first half of the episode. The rest of the anime that occurs after the break  is quite different.

We jump forward to some time in the future, by my rough estimation it has been a rough month since the last time we saw our two poor protagonists.

Enter the brand new Maou. Who I feel the need to restate order and personally killed millions upon millions of different people, is idling by reading manga and overall simply enjoying his life.

Fear him.
The demon king in all of his customer service.


A killer of millions.

Reading manga and working at the local McDo- MgRonalds (trope!).

Wow. He’s changed. This of course is the main source of comedy and jokes and gags that make up the Hataraku Maou-sama. Which it might have rather grim and dark begins, excels in the fact that it’s also hilarious.

There are gags laid through out the episode, that all enticed at least a smile from me.

Overall it Hataraku Maou-sama really is just another gag anime. It’s funny, inventive and has a rather unique premise or rather it has a rather cliche premise (someone who’s seen as one thing but acts as another thing) but presents it in  a unique and fresh way.

Really I’m quite excited for next weeks episode, for two reasons. One it’s going to be quite entertaining and two these posts are really quite easy to write.

With that I’ll leave you with the second best part of this episode. Emila the hero that thwarted Maou, who plays a bigger role next week.

Fear her.
Emila hero of the world.
Not as much Moe, but still Moe.
Emila hero of the world.
Emila hero of the world.

One thought on “Hataraku Maou-sama: Episode 1

  1. I wasn’t expecting Emelia to be the Hero! XD That really came to a shock to me.
    I liked how the 2 demon partners began their gag fast while looking basically like japanese housewives, Ashiya with his girlie apron and Maou sama with his I love JP t-shirt (which I’m dying to have!)

    I am looking forward to the next episodes as well! ^ ^ Can’t wait to see our enemies in action!

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