Random Number Gods: Why I Love Them.

The Random Number God or RNG is the all mighty being that reigns over all that is to do with percent chance in video games. The RNG is neutral, the RNG does not choose favorites although it may seem that he does sometimes, the RNG judges all equally and he is the only just thing on this planet. I am also currently having a very angry and tiring love affair with the RNG.

Percent chance has been ingrained into our brains since the moment we can fully comprehend conversation, be it from the weather or from video games. Overall I really think that percentages have both strengthened the fabric that forms humanity and also weakened it. We now cling to percentages like they were gods, to the point that we do have a RNG. Albeit, it may just be another simple internet thing, the RNG is still something I find myself cursing and thanking daily.

Be it after a rather tiring hunt in Monster Hunter where all I wanted was a King’s Frill and instead for some reason I keep on getting Jaggi Heads. Or be it while playing Minecraft and I strike five blocks of diamond right next to three more diamonds only a few blocks away. The RNG has become the almighty guardian and antagonist of my gaming experience and although it may aggravate me at times; I really wouldn’t have it at any other way.


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