Journal Entry #1

As I am currently feeling extremely lazy, I will be doing a very small post today. Luckily as I said in the fist post of this blog, all I wanted to do was write at least one hundred words a day for well the rest of my days. No doubt I’m going to both falter and miss out on some days (like I already have). Still this is supposed to be for my own good so I’ll do my best to ensure that no matter how bored or lazy I feel, I will write!

Now I could take the easy way out right now and just finish right now…

But, I’ll at least regal you with what I’ve been doing, so if any of you couldn’t guess I’m a student, who is forced every single day to go to school and deal with all the work and other horrible things that come with it. I really loath school. I really do.

My classes have been dragging and recently I’ve found that I really can’t amass much motivation to do anything. I’m really just tried every single day, and I just don’t really know why. My life is fine, and I should be happy and energetic, but I’m just kind of sick of it all.

Life is just a drain that is leading towards the inevitable end that is known as death. Really all that matters is enjoying life as much as you can until one day you just drop on the ground and everything ends.

On a happier note, I have the day off on Thursday! Of course I also have a Student Council meeting that same day so I’ll be going to school anyway. Oh joy.

Life is just a a giant ball of fun eh?


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