Journal Entry #2

So, guess who’s being lazy today? I am. I really should put out a bigger post, but every topic I want to post about is going to need a really long post and I don’t have the time or motivation to write one right now.

Therefore as is the norm for these moments of time when I need to get a post up quickly and easily, I’ll be posting another journal entry. This one will be hopefully less angst filled than the last.

As I do most days I spent a large amount of my day at school. When not at school I usually watch TV and play video games. Most recently however I caught up on The Colbert Report and finally got that Rathian plate I needed to make my new armour in Monster Hunter 3U.

Neediness aside however I also am looking forward to tomorrow as I have classes off and will be spending the day introducing Doctor Who to one of friends. Ah, how I love fee days. Of course I will also be doing as much course work as I can stomach but I will most likely simply procrastinate and end up doing nigh no work at all.

Ah, how I love free days. Really my life has been going on a uphill recently though midterms are on the horizon, heck they’ve basically already risen above me and are just waiting to drop at this point.

I’m sure that midterms will lower my overall enthusiasm and joy levels but well, you win some and you win some eh?

On a side note however, isn’t it just amazing how you can find an app for almost anything with super ease? I’m lying in bed when I remember I forgot to post and bam either seconds I’m typing a post up on a WordPress app. Seriously the Internet and overall structure of the online world really is the closest we’re ever going to get to magic.

Oooh, that’d make a good post. “Technology Today: Why It’s Magic”. Great now I need to write that, on the bright side though I have tomorrow’s topic!

Well I’ve rambled enough for today. Adieu!


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