Journal Entry #3: Communication Whilst Travelling

Giving directions is something that sometime in our lives we have done or will have to do. It is a both a labor of pain and horrible confusion for the giver of instructions and the receiver of said introductions. Really what happens is a circle of endless confusion if formed and all the participants of said circle end up angry, tired and confused.

You may notice that I’ve been mentioning just how confusing this process can be, that’s because it really is really confusing. Be it because of mishearing words, misremembering words, misspeaking words, or even just mistaking words for other words, the giant confusion that is created from trying to travel by ear, just grows as more and more time goes on.

There are some things that you can do to alleviate this confusion however. First and foremost: repeat. Repeat every part of the instructions you say. Repeat the address you’re giving as many times as you can! Repeat everything, and make sure you can get the other person to repeat as well. This way you’ll ensure that both of you know what you’re saying.

If you need to correct something. Make sure they know that, get them to repeat all of the instructions, ensuring that they don’t mistakenly remember something that you said wasn’t right.


Your brain is horrible place to store information. It’s horrid and dank and dumb. Paper is trustworthy and won’t change randomly!


It’s the only surefire way to remember directions, but also remember to repeat and repeat and repeat as double checking your work is also never a waste of time.

This really comes from the long ride home I had today where a ten minute trip turned into a half an hour trip because of bad communication. If I had followed these simple rules, maybe my trip would have been far less painful.

Also, it seems that my two animes that I’m blogging come out on the same day. I’ll be posting the Devil Survivor post first on Thursday and the Maou-sama post on Friday. The rest of the week will mostly be my random posts. Anyways that’s all I wanted to say.

Thank you, and goodbye.


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