Journal Entry #4: Laziness

Laziness. It plagues me again. I know not why, but as always it seems that my own ambition has gotten the best of me. I really wanted to put out a larger post today, in fact I have a couple drafts already written, I just can’t work myself up to actually finishing them… I’ll probably get them out sometime though… Maybe. Until then however I’ve been itching to do some creative writing so this’ll have to be my stage for it. 

The square root of pi is 1.77 something. Now I only know this because of Google, and you might say that I cheated by searching it, but when the school system values the numerical value of every student’s GPA more than the students value the actual value of learning, than have I really cheated or have I been cheated? By a system that preaches it teaches but really just leaves me in stitches from the stress and bitches I deal with. The happy student is myth, I had no joy the day I left my toys. I had no glee when I was told I couldn’t run free. I got to school because it’s all I’ve known, and I’ll keep going, because it’s all I know and I know that that’s no way to live, but that’s all I know. School is my life, it is my wife, it is all I know. Even if I want to scream no, it’s all I know! My life is line. I’m kept in it, and told not to cross it. For if I do, my life is gone and I’ll miss it, because it’s all I’ve known and all I’ll ever know. 

It needs work, but it the making for a good spoken word piece. I need to fix it up here and there but it has a line or two I really like. Meh. That’s really all I guess. Hopefully a bigger post tomorrow? 


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