Gaming: With Friends: Part 2: Cons

After two or so weeks I’m finally returning to the topic that I started with. Gaming: With Friends: Part 2: Cons. As I’ve already gone over there are numerous pros to gaming with friends which are ease, entertainment, the social element and everything else you can think of. I will now be going over some of the cons that make gaming with friends, sometimes, a demerit rather than a plus.

First of all, is that when pushed to the limit friendships can break, and if really pushed they will break no holds bared. Gaming can lead to some of the most frustrating and annoying moments in your life, be it because the item you really want won’t drop, or the game keeps pulling of the cheap one hit-ko attack to kill you, gaming can be frustrating. When playing with others however this frustration can spread and also be projected. I’ve had moments when in the heat of everything, one little thing screws up the last five hours of play time and I just have to let some of the rage out. This has had mixed affects on my friends. Some of them take in stride, some join me and others take personal offense. I try to keep the third kind of people out of life, as I feel that I’m a very angry gamer and losing friends because of this character trait isn’t something I want to do. Really, some of my closer friends that I love to hang out with, are not the friends that I’ll game with seriously at least. I’ll play COD or Smash Bros. with them, but MMOs and RPGS are out of the question as I tend to get far to immersed in them and screwing up always makes me rage.

Second, as previously mentioned gaming can be frustrating, and sometimes when you’re gaming with other people, it just makes the game more frustrating. Annoying blocking, friendly fire, overall bad design can all make a games multiplayer worse than there single player. Heck, when playing online with strangers the amount of random twelve year olds that just shout into their microphone without regard for my sanity or their own is enough to make me want to play nothing but single player games. Now, I know I’m coming off sounding really introverted and bitter, but just some days I can’t deal with other people, and doubly so when I’m doing some thing that’s supposed to entertain me and make me feel better.

And third/finally, as I’ve met my word count goal four times, gaming with others is hard to do. I know exactly two other people that have MH3U and only one of them can play with me regularly. Even then however we get almost no play time as we are both students that only really meet at school and who albeit really love the game, also love going home or eating lunch or attending one of the three club meetings that I have scheduled. I realize that as I say this, I must sound super young, and that I was complaining about twelve year olds who play video games online, just to clarify I’m not one of those. I don’t even own a headset, heck I don’t even own COD anymore. Anyways gaming with friends at least at this point in my life is hard to set up, as I don’t have the time and sometimes I don’t have the people to play with.

That was several reasons why gaming with friends sucks. That’s all, and that’s a wrap.

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