Journal Entry #8

So, another day and another missed planned post. Great. I was really hoping to be able to actually follow through with what I wanted to do…

I blame this all on my friend who got me back into MTG. I just downloaded Forge an open source program that lets you play drafts with CPUs. It’s rather simple and to leave something to be desired but otherwise I’ve been totally whosoever by it.

Man, I don’t understand why I stopped playing Magic. I’ve already signed up for next weeks prerelease and really I’m super excited for it. It’s going to be awesome.

Anyways aside from that, I had the convention planing meeting. It was three hours shorter than I thought it be as our team leader didn’t have much to say so we really just went out for Japanese afterwards.

We were unfortunately the douches who don’t finish everything they eat. Man, I can’t believe it, there were four of us and albeit one doesn’t eat red meat and the other three were scrawny teenagers, we still should have been able to eat all of that…

Ah well, I probably won’t be going back there for a while so it doesn’t really matter. We did get cool team shirts which is very nice. I have another meeting or two coming up, one on learning how to identify fake IDs and another general one.

I don’t think anyone is going to brings fake idea but well just in case it’ll be a good thing to learn. Even though I don’t actually have a ID of my own quite yet.

Still, it was a great day, and that makes me happy.

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