Journal #10

As I write my first double digit journal entry I can’t help but realize that the majority of post seems to have become journal entries. This troubles me as this blog’s main function was not to facilitate me ranting and raving about my day but instead to simply relax and enjoy the small joys that I have in life.

Therefore I will now be trying my best to avoid journal entries. Instead I will be putting up more writing and gaming posts. If I’m really stuck I’ll simply google a word of the day and use that to write a poem.

Hopefully this will help make this blog a lot better. Heck if I’m really stuck I’ll proofread and edit my NaNoWriMo story and then post that up. I have a lot of material to draw from so I shouldn’t be having to resort to journal entries.

Anyways I’m looking forward to tomorrow as anime posts are quite fun to blog about and I’m also looking forward to the new episodes.

To start my new leaf I’ll write something.

A single tear can drown a colony of microbes.
A single tear can rain a torrent on the air.
A single tear can break the strongest of backs.
A single tear can drop at any moment.
A single tear can relief a burden.
A single tear can shatter a hope.
A group of tears can do all that and more.
A group of tears can signal joy or sadness.
A group of tears can be shed over years.
Tears tear apart your facade.
Tears show who you are.
Tears are all I ever am.
I am all.
All I am.
Am I all?
I shed no tears.
For tears are not for me.
They are me.
So I keep them.
A single tear can yield hope.

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