MTG: Dragon’s Maze

Today I attending the Dragon’s Maze prerelease. We were given a total of two guild packs and then a couple new packs in order to construct a minimum fourth card deck.

I chose the guilds Boros and Rathkos (I think I spelled those right) and I ending up making a red/white aggro deck win a splash of black removal

It was fun. Although I didn’t make it top eight I still got quite a few packs and really overall just had tons of fun playing.

From what I saw there are quite a few good rares in this set. The uncommon and commons could be better but when you have things like Assemble the Legion and that black/blue four/four with protection from creatures, you know that a this set is good.

I personally didn’t have the best of draws. I got no mythic rares, but I did get he Boros leader and a Frontline Medic so I’ll probably be building a Boros battalion deck.

My stock of cards has increased quite a bit so I’m happy and I’ll be even happier when I can start building.


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