Journal Entry #12

Yep. I suck.

This is precisely why I don’t make promises to myself or to the Internet anymore.

I swear it now on Kril- on my honour as an Internet denizen (which is like with nothing) that I will most definitely and defiantly post what I’ve promised to post!

On the other side of things I found a site where I can download all the anime songs I want!

Yay! It makes me all fuzzy and happy on the inside! I do indeed love it.

I may or not have gained over a hundred songs on my iPhone because of it, but well you know. You do what you got to do eh?

My bike ride to school will never be boring! Or filled with just Glee and Blink-182! Yes. That was the two main sources of music on my iPhone until now. Glee and Blink-182.

Shut up. I’ve no taste in music. Everything sounds good to me basically so I really never has a discerning taste for it. Still, it did make for Glee to be a much more interesting show for me in the beginning if its run. Now however…

Oh I also have a couple JoCo songs. Shop Vac and Baby Got Back are some of my favourites.

Man music is such an odd thing? It’s just a series of collisions and crashes done by a bunch of air particles that we interpret to have more order and sense then other collections of crashes and collisions. These collisions are somehow also more appealing to our brain and can control a huge amount of chemical releases. Music eh?

Imagine what music must be like to a deaf person or to a like deaf animal. Do they understand the concept behind it? They couldn’t right. I mean sure they haven’t experienced before hand by couldn’t music be likened to that of a art piece or even a physical feeling?

The sound of soft music being like a soothing massage. Whilst the huge roar of rock and roll can be something like a friend grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you.

Can they even perceive sound? Are there other senses heightened where the can feel sound? Is there a way for a deaf person to understand sound or will it be just as Useless as trying to teach a blind person what the colour red is?

Wait, is that useless? Could they grasp what red means? The ideology, the themes, the connotations that come with the colour red. I don’t know. I’ve always had my senses, so I really couldn’t tell if someone without a sense could tell.

I once had to write a speech about which sense I would be okay with losing. I said smell.

I look back now though and I think. How would life be without smell? No wafting smell of bacon in the morning, or no fresh sting of cut grass, no impactful goodbye of rainfall.

How could I choose any one sense. I don’t know. The world is here to be sensed, so how could I give a sense up?

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