Journal Entry #13

I had nervous breakdown today. Is that the right term? Well, I just burst into tears. I couldn’t really quite function. My mind was acutely aware that what I was doing was both extremely tasteless and that if I really wanted to I could just suck it up, but well I just didn’t. I kind of just cried, my mind was mostly a mess and I was unable to really respond to much. I guess you could call it a minor nervous breakdown or just chalk it up to my weird teen hormonal phase.

Anyways, what I wanted to talk about though was the second one I just had. That one was a lot more fun. Instead of tears, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Once again my mind was acutely aware of what I were doing, but I just, well couldn’t stop. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. It was refreshing. Sure I’m kind of creeped out now looking back on it, and now I’m no longer feeling quite as happy, the want to cry is coming back…

At least I manged to start writing this upbeat and happy eh? I guess I should just laugh everything off? That really seems like the best thing in all honesty. That was the most soothing and relaxing way to release emotions I’ve ever done.

Just laughing. Not about anything really. Just laugh. For no reason. It’s amazing.

Yeah. It’s awesome.


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