Anime Conventions: Preparation

So, you’re going to an anime convention eh?

Well there is a lot of things that you should know, but well I’m not going to go into a hundred percent depth about it, as it is best for you to learn to some things, but there are quite a bit of things that everyone should know some things before they come to one.

First of all hygiene and personal comfort. There is something called the “One-Two-Six” rule. That means one shower, two meals and six hours of sleep every single day at least. In all honesty the last two, sleep and food, are negotiable (I’ve personally gone to a four day convention running on nothing more than sixteen cans of pop and a hot dog, in all honesty wasn’t that bad) but the shower is mandatory. Take that one shower. It is one of your duties as a con-goer to shower and be clean at the convention. There’s the weird conception that conventions are filled with overweight smelly nerds, let’s disprove it. Let’s at least be clean, overweight you can’t really help, but well you can be clean. So, be clean. Please. Especially if you’re going to be taking photos with other people or be in close quarters with other people (if you’re going to the dealers room, or hell, even walking the hallway this will be true).

Next on the list, what to bring. Money. Cost of food will be usually be high at the convention centre or at the hotel that the conventions is occurring at. However some centres are nearby to fast food restaurants so don’t be afraid to leave the centre and grab food outside. Once I’ve even bought food at McDonalds in the morning and then eaten it later that day for lunch. In fact if you want to save money, bring you’re own lunch, sandwiches or other easy to pack and easy to eat food are a plus, whilst actual meals aren’t as good as usually places to eat meals won’t be great places to eat your own home packed meals. Still, you’re not only going to be bringing money just to buy food, but for the most of you, you’ll be buying merchandise. There are some things that you should know before buying anything though, first of all if you have the time save all your shopping for the last day of the convention. Usually the dealers and other people will be selling their goods at a cheaper price in order to get rid of their goods. Also, remember that all prices are negotiable, but when negotiating prices, don’t be dick, just remember that the people selling the goods are people who have taken their time to be there at the convention. Treat them well, smile, be kind, and I’m sure that everyone there will be happy.

Next, things to bring. Well it all really depends on what you’re doing. No matter what however, always bring a backpack or some kind if bag that will let you carry you’re purchases, any free stuff you get or just in general bringing a bag is super important. If you’re staying at a hotel though, remember to bring everything you’ll need including you’re own towel, and anything else that you’ll need. Toothbrushes, razors, just remember to be clean. I can’t really put enough emphasis on being clean. Just be clean. Please be clean. Please, please be clean..

All in all for preparation wise is a bag, money and the knowledge that you need to be clean! Everything else is kind of optional.


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