Late Post #4

Dammit not again.

This post will count for yesterday. There will also be another make up post for it (currently there are two make up posts to be posted). Today’s post will be coming up later. It will be of medium size and hopefully be interesting. As always tomorrow and the day after will hopefully be anime posts.

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to talk about anime conventions for the longest of times now. I’ll be posting a series of post on the topic that will range from common misconceptions, the best ways to meet new people, volunteering, prep and some typical events that should be at most conventions. I’m not exactly an old hand at conventions but I’ve been to quite a few, and am a part of the staff teams for two different conventions, so I might have a clue to what I’m taking about.

Hell, I’ll just get the first one of these up now.

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