Journal Entry #15

So we are here once more. It has come to this again. Oh, I can not mention how much I really just want to put up a post that I wanted to post.

Anyways tomorrow I’m up for a rather long day. Going to start the day by helping out my schools carnival and barbecue. I also have to make sure to leave early and head off towards my classes at noon, plus after those I need to go back the carnival. Then after that I need to grab a Auckland dinner before going to watch Romeo and Juliet at Stratford.

I’m super excited. The last play I’ve seen a Stratford was King Henry the second one. No idea which number it was but it was the second of the two King Henry plays.

It was done super well, and the stage was quite awesome. They had large moving wooden bridge kind of thing that moved up and down. It really added to the stage and overall set. Seriously if you like plays, you have to visit Stratford and watch one of the many Shakespeare plays that they do.


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