Journal Entry #16

Argh! Blasted inability to post! I’m like a couple days behind now… I need to post at least twice more after this one in order for me to feel better about myself.

Anyways, last Saturday I went to my school’s charity carnival and car wash. Now I say that I went, but well I was actually going there to volunteer. Because I helped plan the event. It was fun, but it was a load of work.

The event was hectic, and I really hope that we made our money’s worth, but it was well, yeah it was fun!

There were inflatable bouncing castles, obstacle courses, sumo wrestling and gladiatorial jousting. It was fun!

There was also a BBQ that was cheap and delicious, also our car wash is always a giant money maker, albeit there was the odd douche bag that came in with their giant jeeps and their mirrored sunglasses. That was less fun!

Yup. There was not much else that I did. Well I did go and see Romeo and Juliet at Stratford. But that’s going to be it’s own post.


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