Journal Entry #17: Directing

What is a director?

Well a director, in the play sense, is someone who is in charge of showing an audience their vision. They must be firm but also flexible in order to allow their actors, stage crew, designers and everyone else involved shine.

A director is not a dictator that forces everyone to their ideal. They are not one that has absolute power and should not be feared but admired and trusted.

In the retrospect I can say that I’ve failed to be a director at times and many others have also failed.

You should never order.
You should advise and recommend.
You should never delegate.
You should have an answer to every question.
You should never falter or stumble.
You should be a rock that is resolute.

Being the director is one of the hardest positions you can have, even more so when you’re working among your peers. You must both earn their respect but also still be nice and just not a total douche.

The day before any performance, is not the day to give the “reason you suck speech” it is the day to give the “reason you’re awesome” speech and get everyone pumped up for the performance.

Morale should be up.

What’s most important is that the actors are enjoying themselves, if they have fun, the audience will as well. It’s. simple law of he universe.

I’ve never laughed harder than watching people enjoy themselves. Be it in TV, movies or just interaction with people everyday.

Fun is infectious.

Don’t kill it before it can spread.

Let it bloom!

There’s no better cast than a happy cast that’s cracking jokes and enjoying what they’re doing!

So, be a good person. Being the hammer down when you need to but, remember don’t be a douche.


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