Journal Entry #18


I’m back!

Well, you see what happened is I got sick over the weekend.

Of course that was only really for Friday and Saturday.

Sunday I was just lazy.

Which is why, today is the day, only a month since I’ve started this blog that I must announce that I will no longer be attempting to post something up every single day. Instead I will try to post a aniblogging post, a gaming post, a journal entry and some sort of writing thing once a week. That brings my total required post count from seven to four a week and gives me more time to focus and make the posts better.

Still, it is with a heavy heart that I say I must now change the about page of the blog.

Ah well, I tried eh?

To make up for the lack of post every single day, I will instead be increasing the required word count of the posts to two hundred and fifty instead of a measly a hundred words. This of course means that the poetry and journal posts will be much longer and require much more content that they usually have. Which does sadden me. The other posts though will continue as they are and still be basically the exact same.

On the other side of things, AnimeNorth is this weekend.

Oh god.

I’m so not pre-

Well actually, I’m quite prepared. Got my hotel, got my cosplay done today, got my food places ready, got my friends ready to go, all I really need to do is pack my suitcase, psych myself up, and prepare for a long weekend.

It’s going to be so much fun, I’m really excited.

So excited.

Super excited.

Anyways, yeah besides that my life has really been the same. School is still a never ending torment that drags on my heart and drowns my soul. It hinders my life, and grabs my ankles pulling me down into a pit of self pity that I wallow in.

So, yeah. School sucks.


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