Journal Entry #19: Let’s Start, Why Don’t We.

So, today is the day that I put up my first post since the format of my blog has changed. I am most definitely not ready.

Blogging is still quite fun, yet still quite tedious.

Still, I will continue to blog, as my writing skills do need the work and getting things off of my mind and into a text format is healthy.

Oh, yeah, my aniblogging posts will still be coming out, even though I’m now two weeks behind. I’ll get them out… Some day.

Anyways, what has been new with me recently?

Well, I’ve just pretty much recovered gotten slightly better after suffering enjoying the amazing convention that I went to over the weekend. I spent quite a bit of money, not on magic cards though (I pulled a Voice of Resurgence, so I pretty much made the money I spent on cards back). It was a lot of fun, it was quite a bit of fun. Sure I became super tired from the week as I got about six hours of sleep during the entire weekend.

School, has been the same as always, a daily chore where I smile and go though with a calm facade of happiness.

Hrm… Well, I guess I could go in depth about my weekend.

I started the day (Friday) with school where I had a drama presentation that my group improved and last minuted created spectacularly. I then transitioned towards communication technology  and chemistry, where I didn’t really do anything at all. Last period though I had a functions test that I manged to finish early, which could either be a good thing or a really bad thing. I then biked home as quick as I could so that I could get driven to the convention.

I started working right after I put away my luggage, and I stopped working around four in the morning. We got finished our job at around two, but we had a staff meeting that made us stay up and well, that wasn’t fun. I was sharing a hotel with about six other people so one of the reasons I didn’t sleep until so late was because of that.

We woke back up at around seven in the morning where I spent far too much on breakfast. After that I headed back to work, where I maintained lines and manged panels, until around noon, where I went off to the Sword Art Online cosplay photo shoot. It was quite epic, and awesome, there were about a million Kiritos and maybe ten Asunas, and really it was all quite fun. After that I went back to work, and stayed working until two in the morning.

Fast forward to the next day, where we went down to work at around eight, and this time unlike the other two days I actually got an hour of free time! I went to the dealers room and bought my mandatory required pins, along with buying a fat back where I pulled a forty dollar card that payed for the pack and more. Really it was all quite good. After I went shopping, I had to go back to work until, six this time! Where I got to go home and fell asleep the second I entered the threshold of my house. Overall it was a fun time, albeit it was freaking tiring and I got about three hours off. Still, there is always next year so there’s that!


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