Anime Conventions: The Drag

This was supposed to come out several days ago. Whoops.

An anime convention in everyone’s term would be the absolute definition of fun for most large fans of eastern culture and heck, nerdy things in general.

Of course as I am now nearing the end of my second day at my current anime convention and I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m so tired, that my eyes have closing on their own accord and have also been refusing to work properly.

They’ve turned bright red and I have to say it really hurts. Is it worth it though?

Well, that’s debatable.

I’m tired, but I’ve been having fun.

I’m beat, but I’ve been making new friends.

I’m sick, but I’ve gotten so much in return.

So, as you can see they’re really isn’t any reason to debate if the convention was worth it. Instead let’s talk all about how to get rid of the daily drag the drains on you.

You should drink lot’s of caffeine. So, much caffeine.

You need to be constantly doing something new and fun. If you’ve gotten bored of simply going to the convention, you should volunteer. Sure, it seems that it might be a huge amount of work, but volunteering is tons of fun.

Make sure to get your sleep. You need the daily required six hours of sleep that everybody needs when they enter convention mode.

If you follow those three things. I’m sure get conventions will always stay fresh for you.


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