Journal Entry #20

This weekend was quite a bit of work for me. I started it off on Friday by going to an all you can eat buffet with the cast of my school’s drama production and enjoyed a nice peaceful dinner where I, as the defacto leader, of the group had to maintain a modicum of order so that we wouldn’t be kicked out of the restaurant because of how noisy and teenage like we were. I would have kicked us out a lot earlier than we did, because wow, we were so loud and so annoying.

I’m wasn’t above this of course, I really only got into leader mode when the waiter casually came by and gave us our bills without anyone asking, at that point was when I started to shush people and also start to herd them outside. Still, it was fun and albeit the group of rowdy teenagers we are did cause everyone around us and me some annoyance, it wasn’t so bad that we got kicked out forcefully.

Then it was Saturday, where I actually pretty much did nothing all day but play some video games, I’ve been putting several hours into Ragnarok Online 2 and as always have been playing Monster Hunter 3 Universe on and off. I also managed to get an hour or two of Farcry 3 in, where I died over and over again from wild animals mauling me as I was shot down by bandits. Yup, that was fun.

Then fast forward to today, where I went out to eat and celebrate my friends birthday party. That was fine, it was the drive home where the nine of us were shoved into a van and where I sat on the floor of a car that I had less fun with. It was super hectic.

Still, I’ve gotten sick again!

That’s probably why I’m rambling. I’m going to go to sleep now.

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