RWBY: Episode 2

RWBY Episode 2-2.1
Ruby, one of the only voices I can stand.

Ergh. The voices. I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep beating on the voices like a dead horse. It just sounds like a dubbed anime, which some people can take, but I am not one them. I do not like the voices. I can stand them, for the most part, but just at some points when I can see there lips move, it just looks off. Now, I’m perfectly fine with English coming out of animated characters, in fact, I love Dragon Ball Z Abridged’s voice acting as it is really quite good, but RWBY. I just… I can’t. Anyways, I’m going to drop the subject for now. I just want to note though, that when Ruby and Jaune (the first male protagonist of the series) talked between themselves it wasn’t as bad. That I could take quite well.

Anyways, here’s some screens.



RWBY Episode 2-1 RWBY Episode 2-2.2 RWBY Episode 2-2 RWBY Episode 2-3

It seems that episode two of the series will be our introduction to Beacon, the best combat school ever (or at least the one our protagonist goes to, which means it’ll be one with a ton of adventure). First thing that really occurs is Yang the elder sister of Ruby, ditching her to go off with her non-important friends (you can tell their non-important because they’re black silhouettes (which brings up the really cool opportunity of a main character starting off as a silhouette, and then as they are introduced to Ruby, they become a real person, though by the looks of the series, so far, it doesn’t seem like anything too subversive will be happening)).

Ruby is then shortly introduced to the snobby rich girl of Weiss, the daughter of a rather large and powerful magical McGuffin mining corporation. Then Blair comes and we also get a short introduction of her character. This is where I get a bit sad, I was rather happy that Ruby turned out to be such a Genki Girl (trope!), at first, because it seemed like such a reversal of her character from what we saw in the trailers. Instead though, upon further examination you realize that nope, her entire persona is a perfect fit for her design, to top that off it seems that Weiss and Yang will also be perfect fits for their designs as well. Blair is the ever distant Kuudere (trope!), Yang is ever happy Sool Big Sis (trope!), and Weiss is the ever cliched but loved Ojou (trope!). I really do hope they break from those tropes but even then Tropes Are Tools (trope!) so who really cares if the characters are people I’ve seen before.

The other new character we see is Jaune Arc, a rather uncertain looking to be Non-Action Guy (trope!) that will no doubt serve to be Ruby’s sidekick in all things awesome.


I really hoped for something more subversive and trope codifying/making. From the way Oum and Co. talked about watching different anime before writing, I really was expecting a vastly different show. I liked the idea of having four different heroines in completely different situations, having different adventures that may or may not have caused each other pain or harm. In fact the whole school aspect, has already lowered my expectation for the series by quite a bit.

I’m sure fanfiction will lead the path however.

Anyways, Jaune talks about his stuff and then he and Ruby Fade to Black (trope!), and their voices slowly fade as the episode ends off at around five minutes.

Now, I understand that the idea of four different stories occurring at the same time might be hard for a series that has a smaller run time like RWBY, but… I guess. I just had my expectations up to high. The show is still good, but well so far, it’s not been great. I’ve not quite fallen in love with RWBY, but I’ll still be watching it. It’s one of the biggest things on the net right now, so let’s just wait and see. I trust the Roosterteeth guys and they stuff they do is usually quite epic.

(Though back on to the different story lines. Wouldn’t it be cool if they just continued off the story of each of the trailers. I feel like the tombstone that Ruby was in front of could have been one of the innocents that died in Blair’s trailer, and then Weiss could have been fighting some sort of monster that was also related to whoever hired Blair. In fact it could have been awesome if Weiss was being kidnapped or imprisoned by Blair’s company. Yang could have been looking for information on where to find Weiss, because she had some sort of special ability and that she was needed in order to defeat Blair’s company. In fact Blair could have been a villain protagonist, and then to ramp up the stakes, Blair actually kills Weiss. Yang and Ruby who, because of Weiss’s death, are now unable to stop Blair from destroying the monarchy and plunges the country into a state of anarchy. Of course the neighboring countries seeing a chance then invade the currently war-torn country, and in the resulting battle Blair is nearly killed. Instead she loses her memories and wakes up in a bed underground with the remaining members of Ruby and Yang’s core. Of course those two are currently out on a mission and Blair saves the core from an attack, the core happily promote her to the leader in the absence of Ruby and Yang, but when the two return and see Blair, they attack without question. Blair is nearly killed but Ruby and Yang are stopped by their own team members. Knowing that Blair has some sort of telepathic mind control, Ruby and Yang attack their own teammates. This is when Blair regains her memories and in a desperate attempt to save the people that saved her, she sacrifices her life to block a lethal attack from Ruby. Ruby goes into a heroic BSOD because the villain that killed her family (gasp, that was who was on the train), has finally died, but she died saving Ruby’s own friends whom she was trying to kill. Uncertain of what to do she refuses to fight anymore, and because of that Yang dies in combat after being ambushed by the combined forces of the Blair’s company and a neighboring country. Ruby sinks even deeper into her BSOD, and starves to death.)


Journal Entry #23: ConBravo Day 0

So, ConBravo the premier convention for all things geek is starting tomorrow. Or, well it has already started for some people as planning and things are no doubt going on right now as I write this post.

Still, for the normal members of staff the convention doesn’t start until tomorrow and noon. For the normal people though, the convention doesn’t start until tomorrow evening.

I’ve been doing normal pre-con things like packing, eating, saving money and also trying to fight my pre-con cold. You know what’s dumb. I get sick before conventions and after conventions. It’s so dumb.

Last convention I was at, I had a nasty case of pink eye before it, that somehow translated to me having bright red eyes that made me look like I smoked weed about every single hour on the hour. Yeah, that made working the weekend a bit awkward.

Right now, I have a horrible cough that makes me sound like I’m dying. Sigh. I bet all my con friends think I’m always sick.

Anyways, I’ve been preparing. This weekend is going to both wreck me and be one of the most amazing things that I love. This is going to be awesome.

I just love conventions. As always, I’ll try to keep some sort of blog going on. I think I’m going to write a little paragraph about what I’m doing every hour, so let’s see if I can’t get some sort of interesting blog post from this weekend.

Also, expect RWBY Episode 2 to come up right after I’ve watched it and capped some screens from it. I’ve been putting it off, just because I really don’t want to listen to the voices. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I dislike the voices. Oh well. Hopefully it’s better the second time. I really don’t want to have to drop the series just because I could stand it.

The World God Only Knows – Megami-hen: Episode 3

Another week, and another super rushed episode of The World God Only Knows.

[Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-16-01] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-16-20] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-16-32] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-13] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-15] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-26] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-29] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-31] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-17-46] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-18-05] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-18-15] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-18-17] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-18-18] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-18-32] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-19-23] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-19-27] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-19-52] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-19-55] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-19-59] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-20-10] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-20-20] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-20-39] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-20-51] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-20-54] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-21-22] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-21-38] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-21-48] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-01] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-03] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-06] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-15] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-28] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-43] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-22-50] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-01] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-04] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-07] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-14] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-19] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-35] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-41] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-50] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-23-53] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-24-01] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-24-12] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-24-25] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-24-39] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-24-52] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-03] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-14] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-27] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-35] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-41] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-25-54] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-26-04] [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_Goddesses_Arc_-_03_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][045CB8F6][12-26-09]

So, what happened?

Well, Keima has planned his first step to his true harem route. First he must raise all the affection levels of the girls back to love. How is he going to do that? Well, by forcing an after school even with everyone of them! In them manga it was implied that he did this for a while, but it seems that the anime is going to continue with the concept of shortening the anime as much as possible.

So, first on the list for events was moon girl, one of the girls that the anime skipped over. Her capture was quite the ordeal, and her recapture should be no doubt just as mind boggling. Anyways, Keima gives us an amazing how-to on the after school event, with the three Fs. “Follow, Fool and Fuk..etc.” The first two are simple enough, but it’s the last one that is the most important and striking, by keeping an open ended parting, the capture target is no doubt willing to meet with Keima again, and therefore allow him to continue to raise the affection levels.

Anyways, after Keima and moon girl part, the next on the list was Yui, who well, decides to take the a car home (she being a very rich person) and Keima misses out on her after school event.

Luckily enough the best girl of series find Keima, who if you don’t know is Ayumi, unluckily enough though, she has a tagger on with her. The super normal and non-important girl Miyoko (I think, I don’t care enough to check her name). She does her very best to ruin Keima’s attempt to raise the best girls affection levels, though Keima does raiser her affection later, after her separates Miyoko from Ayumi.

There was some trouble when Haqua who was supposed to be distracting Chihiro crossed paths with Keima. Luckily Chihiro didn’t notice and Keima and Haqua switched spots  so that Keima could now focus on Chihiro. Now Chihiro has never been my favorite heroine, but at least in the anime, I’m liking her quite a bit more.

She has a rather nice singing voice and I’m rather looking forward to the inevitable singing scene. Anyways, after doing his thing and making Chihiro blush, Keima then heads back to school where Shiori is still working at the library.

After breaking into the locked building, Keima distracts Shiori and quickly starts to invade her personal belongings, like any good eroge protagonist would.

It seems that Shiroi had been writing a story that was basically just a recount of Keima’s capture only with the roles reversed. The animation style for these scenes were quite cute and nice, and it really suited the weird sci-fi/romcom story that Shiroi had written.

After making Shiroi blush as red as a street light, Keima leaves the library only to see Yui outside peeking in through the window. Yui then does her thing, and Keima then starts to blush himself. Yui gives Keima a female uniform because, apparently it would be weird if both members of a couple wore male outfits.

Psh. Yui obviously doesn’t know about the Fujioshi world.

Anyways, after retreating from Yui (and being saved by Haqua again), Keima rushes home in order to plan the next.

Unfortunately for him the next day, Nora has chosen this specific time to appear. Apparently the Runaway Spirit Squad had now taken in interest in the Goddesses. Hrm. Keima tells Haqua to distract her as he rushes off to school for the next step of his full capture.


SMUND_Cv2_swb1p9qvqg_Superman has always been one of those heroes that I’ve not really gotten. He’s pretty much invincible, yet he always seems to have all of these problems, though it seems like his powers were, at the very least, reduced compared to what I remember them as.

Anyways, the comic starts off with Lex Luthor doing his thing. As in; building a giant diorama of his dream city that runs completely off of the sun. If what he talked about in the last issue is true and works, then that is some model he’s built. Either way it isn’t really relevant as, we go across the world to Dubai, where Superman is fighting some sort of construction robot that is trying to bring down the world’s tallest free standing structure. You know, I don’t remember many evil villains trying to take down the worlds tallest free standing structure when it was in Canada, but now that’s it’s in Dubai, every villain has some sort of evil plan that has the building in the center of their plans. Really, that kind of just ticks me off. I mean sure, the CN Tower isn- wait no. The CN Tower is pretty impressive! In fact, it’s really cool, and distinctive.

Anyways, Superman saves the building with his almighty powers, and then… wait give me a second to double check.

Oh, yeah. He goes to talk to Batman!


This is why I love comics. The super giant worlds that all these vastly different stories take place in, is just so fantastical and amazing. I mean, it’s almost akin to that of a epic fantasy world. The amount of stories and adventures is never ending, and that’s what I love in fiction. The ability to lose yourself in it, to lose yourself in a different world.

Anyways, Batman does his usual thing, and the two watch some weird video with singing men that have red headed men added to their faces. Batman then does his thing some more, and Superman flies off to the… desert?

General Lang is there and the two share some passive aggressive conversation, before Lane takes the passive part and tosses it at Superman’s face, along with a barrage of robots. Superman does his thing, but before he can totally dominate, the weird blue man thing from the last issue pops out of nowhere and starts to dominate Superman.

We then cut back to Lex, who has well… gone straight back to evil, and has created some sort of exosuit. He breaks our of prison and swears to change the world. Ah, typical Lex. They really should just off him.

Anyways, the issue ends with Batman doing his thing and talking about how he has a special anti-Superman suit. Talk about foreshadowing eh?

So, all in all. Not a bad issue. Lots of action, the plot is thickening and all that. It wasn’t very… memorable. As in, even after reading it several times, I still can’t quite remember every little thing that happened. Which isn’t- no. It’s a bad thing.

Still, that is nice, because I can reread it and still find some entertainment in it so wasn’t a waster of $3.99. Also, this was a dollar cheaper than the first issue, is that a normal thing? I don’t know… I’ll see with the next issue in August.

Final Fantasy I: Part 1

Now, here’s what I thought up for a gaming post. It’ll be a Let’s Play, but in blog format with screenshots of instead of video. My “witty” comments will be posted after each picture, and I’ll really only be taking pictures of semi-important screens. I’ll be going for as long as about well, until I get bored for each part so expect the posts to be in different length each time. As with everything I do, be careful of spoilers.

My first one of these will be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (the title is reversed in the blog title so it’ll be easier to put the sequels up). So let’s do this. As you can probably tell the this post isn’t about Phoenix Wright, but it’s instead Final Fantasy I. Why? Well… I started to write the other post, but I noticed my screens were a bit off, when I went into Final Fantasy I had a better idea about how many screens I wanted, so this should be a lot better than my crap first post. Anyways, that post will maybe come out, but I need to redo the screens so that’ll be in a while.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_01 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_02

Alright, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never really finished Final Fantasy all the way. I’ve played it before but I’ve never really finished it. As such, I know a bit of what to expect and what to do, but after a certain point I’ll be flying blind.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_03 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_06

I’m playing the remake on the Gameboy Advance. Which is awesome, because I’ve played the original NES version, and I had to stop after a while just because of how old the entire game seemed. Anyways, I auto named everyone, so we have our great team of Leo the Warrior, Baku the Thief, Luca the White Mage, and Kory the Red Mage. I debated if I should replace the Thief with a monk, but thought not, I enjoy ninjas.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_07 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_08

Man, there really is a giant Seinfeld Is Unfunny (trope!) feeling going on.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_09 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_10

This all just seems so cliched.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_11 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_12

Though I guess Final Fantasy wasn’t even the trope codifier for this the Chosen One (trope!) or many other tropes used. It’s still feels like Final Fantasy was one of the first RPGs to really bring forward these concepts to my mind.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_13 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_14

Though the complete lack of back story to how these people became chosen ones shows just how old the game is. In a modern RPG you have to start from a characters birth, unlike the older games where they throw you in with nothing.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_15 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_16

Like this. Well, where in ground that I’ve already played, so let’s just go to town first and buy some equipment. Oddly enough, when I first entered there was a guard blocking the exit. Having never seen that before, I talked to the guard only to be teleported to the castle to see the king.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_17  Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_19

Yup, though I don’t know how they can tell we’re warriors of “Light”. Though that may just be the relation between light and good, so they mean the warriors of “Good.”

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_20 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_21

Er- We kind of have to save the world.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_22 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_23

Yes, yes, but- You know… the world?

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_24 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_25

Ah, blackmail. I see. I guess we’ll be heading north first to save Sarah.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_26 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_27

Yeah… at level one, all we can really do is fail.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_28 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_29

So, after some short level grinding let’s head up north and save the princess!

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_30 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_31

Stats are all looking quite good. New equipment is also quite shiny.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_32 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_33

Mages have their magic. To be honest, I’ve always found the concept of buying magic a little bit weird. Though in this case, it’s probably just buying books or staves that’ll teach the magic.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_34 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_35

Hrm. I’ve started like a dozen games, but I’ve never really known what this place was for. Is that bad?

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_36 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_37

To be fair, I’ve never finished one of those dozen games. Hopefully, I’ll finish this one.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_38 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_39

Ah, here we go. The monsters in here are quite a bit higher level, so I think I’ll grind a bit before attack Garland.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_40 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_41


Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_42 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_43

The king still has his wife and a second daughter. Logically I don’t think he’s going to give his entire kingdom for a single girl, even if it is his daughter. Heck, it’s not even his son, I don’t understand why Garland or the king thinks she’s worth that much. In a logical medieval society, no one would have batted their eye, that much.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_44 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_45

There’s four of us and one of you. No matter how strong you are, you shouldn’t be this cocky. Heck, I bet he even cracked his neck before attacking us.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_46 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_47

That was a short battle.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_48 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_49

Money. Equipment. That’s all I really want.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_50 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_51

Yes, yes, we are your loyal slaves. Just let us get back to saving the world.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_52 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_53

Yes, we are. Oh god, you’re going to say the prophe-

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_54 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_55


Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_56 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_57

Oh, okay. Good!

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_58 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_59

Is this legal?

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_60 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_61

Yes, yes. You can thank us by letting us into the treasure house!

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_62 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_63

Dammit. I’ll go see the elf king. Also wow. They build quick.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_64 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_65

Hrm. Not quite high enough level for me.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_66 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_68

Better. Still, I’ll do some more after I cros-

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_69 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_67

Oh. Okay.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_71 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_72

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_73 Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_74

Oh, a title screen? That seems like a good place to stop for now.

Well, we’re crossing the bridge next time, in the mean while I think I might level grind a bit.

Servant x Service: Episode 3

Yay, another week and once again another episode of the fun office antic show Servant x Service! Once again we’re greeting with the same starting image of the civic building from afar and once again it fills me with anticipation for the comedy of the episode. This episode did not disappoint as it was happy, funny, cheerful and well everything one could want in an anime that is supposed to be happy, funny and cheerful.

As someone who watches about seven different anime at the same time, (usually, this doesn’t count when I go on archive binges and marathon an old anime) it’s exceedingly important to watch a wide variety of animes. This is my current favorite comedy of this season, (Blood Lad being the only other anime I’m watching that’d I really classify as a comedy) and I’m enjoying quite well. This is the type of anime that is best watched week to week, I don’t think that if I were marathoning this anime it would nearly be as funny, but as something I only watch every once in a while the jokes are fresh again and everything works well.

Also, man. The opening is really nice. It’s kind of hypnotizing.

Anyways, here’s the screens for this week.

[HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-37-41] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-37-46] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-39-23] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-39-37] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-39-48] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-39-59] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-10] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-17] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-27] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-32] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-42] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-40-48] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-41-13] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-41-39] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-41-52] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-42-04] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-42-40] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-02] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-10] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-18] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-24] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-33] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-44] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-43-53] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-06] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-07] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-13] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-18] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-28] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-33] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-52] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-44-58] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-05] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-10] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-14] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-20] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-26] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-29] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-37] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-41] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-49] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-52] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-45-59] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-46-12] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-46-15] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-46-28] [HorribleSubs] Servant x Service - 03 [480p][15-46-45]

So what happened?

Well the first quarter of the episode we get to watch a very funny interaction between Ichimiya and Lucy. The two of them have an interesting dynamic and their interactions may not be mind-tormentingly hilarious, it’s still enjoyable to watch. Ichimiya also quickly brought up one of Lucy’s more noticeable features, no not her bust, but her ahoge. What is an ahoge you may ask? Well it’s also known as Idiot Hair (trope!) and it’s the piece of hair that sticks on Lucy’s otherwise well maintained hair. If you’ve watched another anime you’ve probably seen other characters with this rather common feature. It doesn’t have to be on an idiot that has an ahoge, but it’s one of my favorite weird anime things.

Anyways, Touko shows up shortly after Ichimiya leaves, and the resulting conversation between Lucy and Touka shows just how expressive her ahoge is. I mean, like wow. Her ahoge reached Araragi like levels of expression. Touko proves to always be an adorable tsundere, and when Ichimiya’s comes back the combined interaction between the three is quite fun.

The next quarter of the episode is directly straight to the next noticeable feature of Lucy’s, her rather impressive bust. That is to say, that the cast is put to the rather difficult task of allowing Lucy some kind of escape to fix her suddenly broken bra. Now… as a male, I have to wonder just how common the breaking of a bra is. They seem quite sturdy to me, though that may just be my own extrapolation. Although Lucy does imply that this is a common hurdle for her, as all three hooks on her bra were broken. That is some absolute cleavage (trope!).

Anyways, Hasbe comes to the rescue with the rather ingenious plan of letting Lucy escape via feigned sickness. Quite nicely transitioned, the rest of the episode was dedicated to Hasbe’s attempt to get Lucy’s mail address (basically the western equivalent would be her phone number). We quite unexpectedly to me, get to see the world outside the civic building. Hasbe does a rather valiant attempt, but seems to always be forgetting about asking. Instead we get to see some series shipping bait between the two. Personally I like Ichimiya, or heck even Chihaya paired off with Lucy. Though that may just be me.

Anyways, the episode continues in that matter, and all in all the episode was quite good. I’m quite enjoying this anime.

RWBY: Episode 1

The newest series from Roosterteeth has just been aired, and well… I’ve mixed feelings about it.

RWBY Episode 1

First of all, it’s easy to tell that the entire concept of RWBY is splattered with inspiration from anime and other very Japaneses sources. On the other hand the inspiration from non-anime materials is also rather clear.

The entire world is shaping up to be quite interesting and it seems that the world is big enough that hundreds if not thousands of interesting stories could stem from it. Monty Oum has done a fantastic job with both the world creation, charterer designs and fight scenes. The fight scenes deserve quite a bit of praise as they are both fluid and quite epic. The animation style at times seemed to hinder it, but those moments were few and the fights were just so epic that they made up for those moments and more.

As the trailers have shown RWBY seems to have some kind of sick fetish for transforming weapons, almost like the many weapons used in FF13 where the transformation of the weapons serve as tools of combat themselves. The sniper scythe that Ruby uses is a great example with Ruby using the recoil of the sniper to launch herself around like a flying monkey, and then when combined with her acrobatic fighting style makes her quite lethal and also entertaining to watch as well.

The story on the other hand. Well, it looks like where going to have a school environment. With a bunch of super powered people learning and hunting down people. I say school it also looks to be some type of military environment as well. We already have our well, not “big” bad, but some sort of bad that from, his unique character design we can tell he’s going to be a recurring charterer.

I found it rather int resting that Yang and Ruby are sisters (they could be step or adopted), though that could just be an anime thing where everyone has a wired hair colour. Speaking of colour, it looks like people in the RWBY universe all have their own colour. From the reporter to the main characters, colour looks like it’s going to play an interesting factor to the story.

On top of all of that though, is an amazing soundtrack. The music is just well… amazing. I love it. Every part of the soundtrack is amazing and there’s really not much to say about it in fact.

Well, I’ve avoided it enough. I should talk about what else didn’t work. The voices. It was something that a lot of people noticed from the trailers. Voices are such an important part of non live-action video and it’s something that’s always been bugged me since I first started to watch anime in general.  I personally detest dubbed videos. I will always try to watch any video in it’s original language, which is why I’ve always watched subbed anime. Now I know that RWBY isn’t an anime and English was it’s original language, but it’s animesque enough that watching it in English is well… painful.

The voices just sound a bit off, I love the Roosterteeth cast, but I would have preferred them to use different voice actors or at least different voices from normal, the entire time I just kept seeing the cast and not the character. It’s quite distracting. Yang I think is the biggest offender for this, in that all I can think of when I hear her is Barbara. Ruby is better but even then at times Lindsey also slips through. I guess that may be just because I watch so much Roosterteeth stuff and I listen to the podcasts quite often that their voices are just ingrained into my head and I make a firm connection between the people and their personalities because of it.

Still, that’s only one flaw in a mountain of things that are amazing. Either way I know my next cosplay is going to be from RWBY.  So yeah, watch it!