So, I’ve decided that I shall now be adding comic books to the number of things I blog on a semi-regular basis. The first of the things I’ll be doing is SUPERMAN UNCHAINED a new series in the DC NEW 52 universe. It stars, guess who, Superman. I actually haven’t read too many comics, but I’ve always been a fan of the comic book world and the tropes that come with it.

I may have bought two issues of this, because the comic store that I bought it at had two different versions with different covers but I don’t regret it at all. I plan to be a giant nerd and start a comic book collection.

Anyways, what happened?

SMUND_Cv1_q53uxls7jd_Well, a lot happened. There summary are going to be vary bare boned. Also spoilers.

Okay. So, Superman is up in space and destroying some sort of satellite that is coming to crash down into the Earth and kill a ton of people. Superman monologues quite a bit as he tears apart the space station. Apparently seven other space objects have also crashed and Superman has had a busy day trying to save the world. There is that thought eh? Good guys have to save the world every single time, bad guys just need the good to guys to fail once and they get what they want. Poor good guys.

Anyways, Superman saves the world and then retreats back to his man cave to start writing a report on what occurred that day. We learn that Clark had left the planet a while ago and was now simply reporting from his own room. Lois calls and they start to passively aggressively flirt, Lois then informs Clark that apparently his report is wrong and that Superman did something that Clark didn’t know about.

Clark is no doubt confused about that as he should really know what Superman had been doing, therefore Clark quickly decides to investigate exactly what was going on. He goes to the crash site of the satellite that he didn’t save, and is quite quickly shot by the military.

With that the comic ends.

There was quite a bit of other stuff, but well yeah.

Now, I haven’t read too many comics, but I’ll still do my best to from some sort of opinion. The art was very vibrant and colourful. There was quite a bit of detail and I didn’t notice anything that was too out there. The actions scenes were nicely framed and although I didn’t like it too much, the giant poster sized page in the middle of the book was quite pretty. I’ve too pages, so I might post them up somewhere like posters.

So yeah…

I’ll get better at this. I promise!

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