RWBY: Episode 1

The newest series from Roosterteeth has just been aired, and well… I’ve mixed feelings about it.

RWBY Episode 1

First of all, it’s easy to tell that the entire concept of RWBY is splattered with inspiration from anime and other very Japaneses sources. On the other hand the inspiration from non-anime materials is also rather clear.

The entire world is shaping up to be quite interesting and it seems that the world is big enough that hundreds if not thousands of interesting stories could stem from it. Monty Oum has done a fantastic job with both the world creation, charterer designs and fight scenes. The fight scenes deserve quite a bit of praise as they are both fluid and quite epic. The animation style at times seemed to hinder it, but those moments were few and the fights were just so epic that they made up for those moments and more.

As the trailers have shown RWBY seems to have some kind of sick fetish for transforming weapons, almost like the many weapons used in FF13 where the transformation of the weapons serve as tools of combat themselves. The sniper scythe that Ruby uses is a great example with Ruby using the recoil of the sniper to launch herself around like a flying monkey, and then when combined with her acrobatic fighting style makes her quite lethal and also entertaining to watch as well.

The story on the other hand. Well, it looks like where going to have a school environment. With a bunch of super powered people learning and hunting down people. I say school it also looks to be some type of military environment as well. We already have our well, not “big” bad, but some sort of bad that from, his unique character design we can tell he’s going to be a recurring charterer.

I found it rather int resting that Yang and Ruby are sisters (they could be step or adopted), though that could just be an anime thing where everyone has a wired hair colour. Speaking of colour, it looks like people in the RWBY universe all have their own colour. From the reporter to the main characters, colour looks like it’s going to play an interesting factor to the story.

On top of all of that though, is an amazing soundtrack. The music is just well… amazing. I love it. Every part of the soundtrack is amazing and there’s really not much to say about it in fact.

Well, I’ve avoided it enough. I should talk about what else didn’t work. The voices. It was something that a lot of people noticed from the trailers. Voices are such an important part of non live-action video and it’s something that’s always been bugged me since I first started to watch anime in general.  I personally detest dubbed videos. I will always try to watch any video in it’s original language, which is why I’ve always watched subbed anime. Now I know that RWBY isn’t an anime and English was it’s original language, but it’s animesque enough that watching it in English is well… painful.

The voices just sound a bit off, I love the Roosterteeth cast, but I would have preferred them to use different voice actors or at least different voices from normal, the entire time I just kept seeing the cast and not the character. It’s quite distracting. Yang I think is the biggest offender for this, in that all I can think of when I hear her is Barbara. Ruby is better but even then at times Lindsey also slips through. I guess that may be just because I watch so much Roosterteeth stuff and I listen to the podcasts quite often that their voices are just ingrained into my head and I make a firm connection between the people and their personalities because of it.

Still, that’s only one flaw in a mountain of things that are amazing. Either way I know my next cosplay is going to be from RWBY.  So yeah, watch it!


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