RWBY: Episode 2

RWBY Episode 2-2.1
Ruby, one of the only voices I can stand.

Ergh. The voices. I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep beating on the voices like a dead horse. It just sounds like a dubbed anime, which some people can take, but I am not one them. I do not like the voices. I can stand them, for the most part, but just at some points when I can see there lips move, it just looks off. Now, I’m perfectly fine with English coming out of animated characters, in fact, I love Dragon Ball Z Abridged’s voice acting as it is really quite good, but RWBY. I just… I can’t. Anyways, I’m going to drop the subject for now. I just want to note though, that when Ruby and Jaune (the first male protagonist of the series) talked between themselves it wasn’t as bad. That I could take quite well.

Anyways, here’s some screens.



RWBY Episode 2-1 RWBY Episode 2-2.2 RWBY Episode 2-2 RWBY Episode 2-3

It seems that episode two of the series will be our introduction to Beacon, the best combat school ever (or at least the one our protagonist goes to, which means it’ll be one with a ton of adventure). First thing that really occurs is Yang the elder sister of Ruby, ditching her to go off with her non-important friends (you can tell their non-important because they’re black silhouettes (which brings up the really cool opportunity of a main character starting off as a silhouette, and then as they are introduced to Ruby, they become a real person, though by the looks of the series, so far, it doesn’t seem like anything too subversive will be happening)).

Ruby is then shortly introduced to the snobby rich girl of Weiss, the daughter of a rather large and powerful magical McGuffin mining corporation. Then Blair comes and we also get a short introduction of her character. This is where I get a bit sad, I was rather happy that Ruby turned out to be such a Genki Girl (trope!), at first, because it seemed like such a reversal of her character from what we saw in the trailers. Instead though, upon further examination you realize that nope, her entire persona is a perfect fit for her design, to top that off it seems that Weiss and Yang will also be perfect fits for their designs as well. Blair is the ever distant Kuudere (trope!), Yang is ever happy Sool Big Sis (trope!), and Weiss is the ever cliched but loved Ojou (trope!). I really do hope they break from those tropes but even then Tropes Are Tools (trope!) so who really cares if the characters are people I’ve seen before.

The other new character we see is Jaune Arc, a rather uncertain looking to be Non-Action Guy (trope!) that will no doubt serve to be Ruby’s sidekick in all things awesome.


I really hoped for something more subversive and trope codifying/making. From the way Oum and Co. talked about watching different anime before writing, I really was expecting a vastly different show. I liked the idea of having four different heroines in completely different situations, having different adventures that may or may not have caused each other pain or harm. In fact the whole school aspect, has already lowered my expectation for the series by quite a bit.

I’m sure fanfiction will lead the path however.

Anyways, Jaune talks about his stuff and then he and Ruby Fade to Black (trope!), and their voices slowly fade as the episode ends off at around five minutes.

Now, I understand that the idea of four different stories occurring at the same time might be hard for a series that has a smaller run time like RWBY, but… I guess. I just had my expectations up to high. The show is still good, but well so far, it’s not been great. I’ve not quite fallen in love with RWBY, but I’ll still be watching it. It’s one of the biggest things on the net right now, so let’s just wait and see. I trust the Roosterteeth guys and they stuff they do is usually quite epic.

(Though back on to the different story lines. Wouldn’t it be cool if they just continued off the story of each of the trailers. I feel like the tombstone that Ruby was in front of could have been one of the innocents that died in Blair’s trailer, and then Weiss could have been fighting some sort of monster that was also related to whoever hired Blair. In fact it could have been awesome if Weiss was being kidnapped or imprisoned by Blair’s company. Yang could have been looking for information on where to find Weiss, because she had some sort of special ability and that she was needed in order to defeat Blair’s company. In fact Blair could have been a villain protagonist, and then to ramp up the stakes, Blair actually kills Weiss. Yang and Ruby who, because of Weiss’s death, are now unable to stop Blair from destroying the monarchy and plunges the country into a state of anarchy. Of course the neighboring countries seeing a chance then invade the currently war-torn country, and in the resulting battle Blair is nearly killed. Instead she loses her memories and wakes up in a bed underground with the remaining members of Ruby and Yang’s core. Of course those two are currently out on a mission and Blair saves the core from an attack, the core happily promote her to the leader in the absence of Ruby and Yang, but when the two return and see Blair, they attack without question. Blair is nearly killed but Ruby and Yang are stopped by their own team members. Knowing that Blair has some sort of telepathic mind control, Ruby and Yang attack their own teammates. This is when Blair regains her memories and in a desperate attempt to save the people that saved her, she sacrifices her life to block a lethal attack from Ruby. Ruby goes into a heroic BSOD because the villain that killed her family (gasp, that was who was on the train), has finally died, but she died saving Ruby’s own friends whom she was trying to kill. Uncertain of what to do she refuses to fight anymore, and because of that Yang dies in combat after being ambushed by the combined forces of the Blair’s company and a neighboring country. Ruby sinks even deeper into her BSOD, and starves to death.)


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