Journal Entry #24

Dammit, convention has once again shoved me two weeks back on posts.

I’m just recovering from post convention stress and sickness, so all the posts I missed should be coming up soon.

There’s the three anime posts and one RWBY post along with another gaming post.

Anyways, my plans to post during ConBravo went as well, as I thought it would. Not well at all.

ConBravo was a ton of fun though, I got to do a ton of work (which normally may sound bad, but for me at least in a convention, I love work), met an awesome girl (started dating her) and just overall had an amazing time at the convention.

Anyways, I’ll get some more posts done up by tomorrow. First up should be the anime ones, and then the RWBY post. The gaming post is probably won’t go up tomorrow, but it’ll come within time. I did really enjoy that post.

Anyways it has been a while so I think I’m going to write some po- spoken word.

“The fleeting life of a sole soul, is worth nothing. The fleeting mind of a sole soul, is worth nothing. The fleeting heart of a sole soul is worth nothing. A sole soul can do nothing. Nothing is all a sole soul will ever do. The only way, a soul can do anything, is by seeking souls. Silent, soundless, souls survive only to survive. I do not want to die, knowing that nothing I do will ever do anything. So, I shall not be a sole soul, I shall seek souls, I will find friends, I can’t constrict my love.”

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