Journal Entry #26: Dammit (Again)


I have a good reason.

FanExpo happened…


You know how conventions make me fall behind eh?

Anyways, I’m only two episodes behind, and well I’ve already dropped RWBY and TWGOK from my blog…

So really you guys only missed the two Servant x Service posts!

Plus, I got another gaming post in the works, so that’ll come out soon!



FanExpo was fun but I have to say it would be the most tiring convention that I’ve gone to this year.

First of it’s a four day con instead of the typical three day, Plus since I’m only a mere volunteer instead of a staff member the amount of time I could take off to do important “staff” stuff is much less.


Also, FanExpo is one of the conventions that doesn’t feed the volunteers, you would think being one of the bigger conventions it would have enough money to give some sort of food voucher or something!


I still did manage to get some photos of famous people though!


I met Nathan Fillion, my man crush.

Man he’s gotten pudgy since Firefly.

He’s still freaking awesome though, which is amazing.

Speaking of old people who look good.

David Hasslehoff looks amazing for his age!

Like, wow.

He looks really good for his age.

Anyways, FanExpo was a struggle because I didn’t manage to snag hotel room and instead I had to travel back home after each night.

Though it is nice that FanExpo ends a lot earlier compared to other conventions. I worked well into the night (morning) at AnimeNorth, whilst instead at FanEpxo I was off shift at the latest nine on a normal day.

They only outstanding day was Saturday, but that’s only because I worked the Masquerade.

Which had a very small turnout, in both attendees and participants. There was only about fifty something participants, a far cry from how ever many AnimeNorth gets.

Either way though it was fun and there were some really good cosplays!

Someone made a fully working Hawkeye costume. I say working as in the bow and quiver were actually like they were in the movie.

Full moving parts and everything!

It was awesome!


Kudoos to them for being awesome.

Anyways, I’ll start working on those aniposts now…


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