Journal Entry #27: Dammit (Again (Again))

I swear it’s for good reasons.

Okay, maybe not.

Maybe the reason was just because I’m lazy and I couldn’t be bothered to write any posts.

Either way, I won’t be going back to blog the last couple episodes of Servant x Service.

So, want to talk about my big plans for this upcoming season that will most likely not be done?



So, I’ll be blogging Unbreakable Machine Girl Doll and Magi: Kingdom of Magic.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Aren’t those both plot heavy animes, and didn’t you say that you wouldn’t blog anymore plot heavy animes because it takes a lot of time and you can’t be bothered to do it?”

Well to that I say.

“Shut up!”


Okay, aside from that I still want to finish my blogging attempt at FF1…

I’ve also been playing the crap out of .Hack/Infection, so I may be posting about that too.

Either way, let’s try to take back this blog eh?

This isn’t going to happen eh?


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