Magi: The Kingdom of Magic: Episode 1

Welp, here we are again. Once more at the bottom of the hill. Let’s see if we can’t at least get to the middle of the hill this time before falling to our deaths?

[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-27-50]
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
Magi is a special manga for me, in that I started reading it when only the first four chapters had been translated. I’ve been reading for quite a while, and well, I’d like to think that I know quite a bit about the topic.

Anyways, the first season of Magi started off strong with great animation, a good starting point where not too much information was being skipped and overall a really good start to what could have been an awesome long runner. Then, well… it basically drowned itself, by butchering the source material, taking huge leaps and skipping over chapters of manga content, and not to mention the overall drop of animation quality. Still, much like The World God Only Knows, my love for the content has made impossible for me not to watch this new season. Let’s see if this episode will be the start of something better or not eh?

Here are your screens.

[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][17-51-34]
“Premonition of a Journey”
[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-23-43] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-23-48] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-23-50] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-23-58] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-22] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-27] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-30] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-33] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-51] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-24-56] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-25-01] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-25-38] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-25-43] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-26-03]   [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-28-38] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-28-43] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-28-48] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-03] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-14] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-28] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-36] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-37] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-39] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-29-58] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-04] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-14] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-24] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-29] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-41] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-44] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-54] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-56] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-30-59] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-01] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-02] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-04] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-06] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-09] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-11] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-13] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-14] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-31-50] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-15] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-22] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-25] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-29] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-32] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-34] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-36] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-38] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-40] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-48] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-50] [HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-32-54]

Okay, so what happened?

Well we start almost right where the last episode left off. Our heroes have returned from defeating and then capturing Zangan’s Wonderland  Sex Dungeon. With Hakuryuu gaining a metal vessel, losing a hand and then gaining a wood hand. Meanwhile, Alibaba gets super non-manga despair thrown on him, where he must once again come to terms with his best friend’s (Cassim not Aladdin) betrayal and death. Aladdin gets a heap of self confidence and battle experience, while Mor unlocks her household vessel, which lets her shoot chains that sets things on fire, in exchange for you know, blood tears.

Overall, a good dungeon run, for well… everyone but Alibaba, who because of the anime get’s pretty much nothing new out of the capture. In the manga, is ability to form his metal vessel into a smaller sword is a big deal though. Anyways, the trio have tons of fun and laugh and enjoy each other companies.

Right along with that, would be the creepy rather conversation where Sinbad tries his best to recruit Aladdin to be the official Magi of Sindaria. Aladdin turns him down, because you know, he doesn’t want to be the Magi for Sindaria. Anyways, Aladdin and Alibaba then have a heart to heart, accompanied by some rather disturbing imagery on Aladdin’s part. Either way, fireworks go off, and we fast forward to the next day.

Aladdin is once again training with his rather well endowed teacher, and poor Kougyoku is picking flowers for Sinbad, who had been unintentionally or intentionally triggering flags left and right for her. Alibaba then proceeds to step on one of the flowers she was about to pick, and then create a brand new ship for all of the fan girls to sail on. Personally, I don’t like Sinbad and Kougyoku, so I’m fine with that ship, though Alibaba and Mor really are quite cute together.

Anyways, rambling about shipping aside, Sinbad and group start to talk about the black metal vessels that they recovered from Dunya. Sinbad then decides to go visit her and see exactly what she can tell about these strange devices.

Surprisingly when Sinbad gets there, he is greeted with the sweet sounds of a maiden’s screech, accompanied by Aladdin’s own voice. Sinbad does what any man would do, and congratulates Aladdin’s on his prowess and ability. Yamuraiha on the other hand reacts like any woman would, and freaks out, before busting in the room and starting to attack Aladdin.

Anyways, they talk, before Sinbad touches Dunya, and a huge shard of black crystal shoots out of her chest.


Sinbad really shouldn’t be touching women, if the is what happens.

Anyways, Aladdin activates his magical magi powers, of mind reading to go into Dunya’s mind and to help get rid of the crystal in her chest. He succeeds, no duh, and Dunya enters a restful sleep, while Aladdin goes back to talk with Mor and Alibaba.

The episode ends with Aladdin telling the two of them, that he wishes to go on a journey by himself.

Welp, how was it?


The animation is back up to a quality that doesn’t make it look horrible, the amount of new content is smaller and much better, plus the series looks to be following the source materiel much closer than before. All in all, it seems that Magi is back on the upswing, though I won’t count on it being good just yet.

As with every series, you should wait for at least episode three to come out before judging it, because you know.

Things can happen.

[HorribleSubs] Magi S2 - 01 [480p][18-33-12]
See you all next week!

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