Prologue: What is Going On?

AN: So here it is! The written ramblings of a crazy person trying to write up a decent webnovel (that’s heavily inspired by the translated Japanese ones, that I’ve been reading non-stop).

The actual chapter is after the jump.

EDIT: Added more cause it felt a little… little.

Day 0000

There’s no easy way to really say this, but… well… I don’t even really know how to start this.

Alright, let’s just start from the beginning.

It was a perfectly normal day, I was just going about my business and getting some breakfast when well, I ended up dying?

There was a kid about to cross the street and they didn’t the car that was about to barrel into them, and my body just reacted. Before I knew what had really happened I had already jumped and pushed the kid backwards… which ended up putting me straight in front of the car.

So, I guess I’m dead now? When I woke up I was in a huge white field of clouds, so I’m sorta going to assume that I’m dead (unless hospitals have suddenly become very different from what I remember).

There was a journal on the ground in front of where I had woken up as well as some sort of pen, so I just decided to start writing some of my thoughts down, lest I’m driven insane by my situation.

You know, this probably isn’t even real. It’s probably just something that I’m dreaming! Right! I’m actually probably in an ambulance by now being brought to the ER. That thought actually does make me feel a lot better about everything.

I’m not dead, I’m just having a really realistic dream as my body is slowly dying  from being hit by a car… okay no longer feeling better about things.

There’s not really much here, but it looks like there’s some sort of light source over the horizon to the… south(?) of where I woke up. I’m probably just going to try and head over there, to see if this isn’t just a white field of absolutely nothing.

Day 0000 Continued…

So I am apparently dead. The source of light that was over the horizon was about a hour or so walk from where I had woken up, when I got there there was a man standing there, well I say man, but he from the white wings and the glowing halo above his head I think I was safe in my assumption that he was an angel.

He was very surprised to see me. I think his exact words were, “What the- who the fuck are you?”. Needless to say I ended up asking him a boat load of questions, but he main points are:

  1. I am dead. So dead. The fact that I’m here in this white realm of nothing is hard proof that I’m dead.
  2. I’ve apparently won the reincarnation lottery. There’s for some reason a one in a nonillion chance that you can that when you die in our world you get the chance to live again in another world.
  3. I’m the first person to have ever won the lottery, and now get to go exist in another world.

So, that’s the facts. I’m a little… what’s the word, shocked? Startled? Confused?

I have a couple of options of worlds to go to, but I’m probably going to go with some sort of fantasy world. The idea of being able to use magic and fighting monsters with it sounds like too good of a chance to not take.

Once I’m in the new world, I’m not going to get a second chance at it, so according to the angel I should be prepared to live my life to the fullest in the new world.

Oh, right! The journal I was given, that I’m writing this in, is so that I have some sort of way to communicate with the angel once I’ve entered the new world.

Anyways, I’m going to let the angel know that I’m ready to enter the world. I’ll update the journal once I get there.

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