Prologue: Part 1

AN: So…. here’s another thing I’ve written. This one is going to be set in a more modern setting with lot’s of fantasy elements being tossed in. I have actual plot ideas for this story, so it’ll probably be updated less.

Anyways, enjoy!

Part 1:

The teacher at the front of class was cut off mid-sentence as a roaring thunderous crash reverberated throughout the classroom. I jumped in my seat the pen in my hand launching forward in my panic. Someone screamed behind me and suddenly the entire class had burst into motion rushing towards the windows.

I was still for a full second before it dawned on me to look towards them as well. The shouting of the teacher to remain calm faded into the background noise of the shouts and screams coming from my classmates.

What I saw through the window caused my mind to freeze. Nearly fifteen feet tall, with dark green scales was some sort of… monster. It almost looked like a komodo dragon that had been blown out of proportion so that it eyes fell in line with the windows of the second floor. It looked almost lazy where it lay in the courtyard of the school, a monster of prehistoric size that with a simple step could crush anyone to fine mist.

Rows of long sword-like teeth could be seen coming from it’s mouth, many of them even piercing through the monster’s own mouth at random angles.

The monster turned it’s head and it’s eyes came to look directly at our classroom. The room had fallen dead silent, not a single person daring to even breath.

Then, the monster’s mouth opened and released a thunderous roar that caused the very foundation of the school to shake. Screams followed from my classmates, as the monster began to charge towards the school.

I felt myself rise and then I was running. The screams of classmates seemed to fade into nothingness as the sound of my own heart and breathing began to pound in my ears. I realized then that unlike my classmates and teachers I had decided to run towards the windows, towards the monster.

Was I trying to jump and maybe preemptively end it for myself, what was I doing? My pounding heart was making it hard to think and my vision began to blur as I leaped through the window. What felt like a thousand cuts on my face and arms brought me back from my daze and my vision suddenly sharpened.

My beating of heart was gone from my head and I found myself suddenly calm. Time slowed down as I flew through the air and I was surprised to notice that the monster, now only a few feet away from me, had three pupils.

That thought left me as quickly as it came as the monster opened its mouth, the rows of jagged sword teeth so close now that I could reach out and touch them.

‘If I had something like that, this jump wouldn’t have been so useless’, I thought to myself as I landed in the open mouth of monster. Saliva covering me as suddenly I felt a push and then cutting sensation from my right hand. I spared a look down towards it thinking that I had cut myself one of the monster’s teeth by was shocked to see that a long silver blade had sprouted from my palm.

The mouth of the monster began to close as the blade in my hand continued to extend. Before a hilt made from bone left my hand and ended the blade. The hole, from where the blade came from, that should have been in my hand had already been sealed with a large scar.

I felt my body act once again without my input and I grabbed the bone hilt sword and shoved it upwards into the roof of the monster’s mouth. Another cutting push and then cutting sensation and then I was holding another sword. That one also went upwards into the monster’s mouth.

A push, a new blade, a stab. The cycle repeated and repeated until another roar came from the monster that caused me to fly outwards from it’s mouth.

I landed roughly on the ground, covered in the monster’s saliva and blood. I could feel my vision beginning to darken as my consciousness began to fade.

The monster’s dying shriek as it began to choke on the torrent of it’s own blood that I had unleashed from its mouth lured me to sleep and I closed my eyes and let darkness embrace me.

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