Chapter 1: Not Quite as Planned – Part 1

AN: So here’s the first part of chapter one of the fantasy story which shall be named the second I know what the plot of it shall be! I’ll probably be tacking on the second part of it eventually…

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Day 0001

Things are not going well on my first day in this new world that I’ve been transferred. Where do I even begin?

Well, first of all the help the angel decided to give me is an increased mana capacity.  Which sounded great at the time! I mean it was supposed to mean that I could start to cast awesome spells and weave magical webs that would protect me… but he failed to mention how to use magic.

I spent about two hours shouting random words in multiple languages (fire, ignis, feuer, etc.) and nothing. I’ve tried to meditate, maybe extend my awareness or sense some kind of magical energy within myself, nothing. I’ve tried to draw magic circles on the ground and then use them to cast spells or summon creatures, nothing!

I even tried to magically transform into either a kamen rider, a power ranger, or a fucking magical girl. Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

The only thing that’s come from that is what must be some kind of demon rabbit about the size of a deer coming and trying to attack me! I’m dubbing it a Caer Rabbit and luckily they can’t climb trees, otherwise I would be screwed beyond belief.

I’m currently holed up in a tree angrily writing this out. I cannot believe this. I thought that I was just supposed to be transferred here to gain some magical powers so that I could have a happy go lucky life shooting fire balls and killing dragons.

But no. I’m up a tree, with a rabbit trying to kill and eat me.

What the hell.

At least the angel did end up giving me a backpack of supplies so it’s not like I’m going to starve to death up here. I have what looks to be a couple of days worth of rations and water, as well as a little tinder kit, cooking pot and a small hatchet as well as a knife.

Wait, there’s something in the bottom of the bag.

It’s a note?

By the way, in order to use magic in this you have to use crystals that are found from defeating monsters. I forgot to tell you, so make sure that you get some of these before you encounter any monsters, otherwise you’re basically as good as dead. 

– Love Angel

…you’re kidding me.

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