Journal 0002

Boop. So not much to really talk about. Oh well, here’s my journal post anyways!

I’ve started to write out another second novel now that’s going to be a more modern day superhero fic. I’ve got a rough plot summary and characters that I want to include.

I think I may just go over them here because I don’t really have much to talk about.

Alright! Characters, there are going to be three “main” characters (subject to change) each with a name that sounds like a letter. Basically this is to imply that it’s not their real names but instead aliases.


The first character whom was featured in part one of the prologue. ¬†He’s the serious leader type and ends up taking charge of the other two in their quest to defeat the monsters that have started to invade the world.

Has the power to create weapons made from an odd silver material. They end up coming out of his body on command and will stay around afterwards. The weapon all have human bone handles (which are no stronger than real bone) but the blades are nearly diamond strong.

At first he’s going to be a little introverted, his power is also going to be weaker but hopefully we’ll get to see him develop.


The comic relief sidekick character, going to be introduced in the second part of the prologue. He’s an over enthusiastic guy who always has some sort of quip ready.

Has the power to project holograms into the air, he can also choose whom can see the holograms. Uses them in order to help support the main combatants of the team with information and location information. As a byproduct of this power he ends no longer needing glasses, but chooses to wear them anyways.


The already super badass character of the world. A government trained superhero (how the government was able to train a superhero so quickly will be commented) whom will appear in part three. of the¬†prologue. She’s a serious by the book character who at first doesn’t like joking and would rather simply solve all her issues with fighting.

Has the power to control sound waves via contact. Sounds a bit weird I know, but shes uses it in combination with spiked gloves. She creates a vibration of sounds waves directly at the tips of the spikes that are so vibrating so quickly it lets her rip through most materials. She can extend this to any part of her body, but doing it to weaker materials (like her skin or regular clothing) causes damage to it.

Essentially then , the main plot of the first story arc will be about how the three of them end up meeting, and then having to work together in order to combat the monsters that are attacking them. There will a natural curve to strength of the monsters so that the tension can ramp up.

I don’t see the first big story arc being too long, a couple of chapters for the introduction of the characters and their powers. A few to show them in action as well as developing the world around them, before finally one to show off them fighting the final boss of the arc.

Hopefully though it’ll all wrap up nice and end up to be a good story.

Anyways, this is a journal post! Not a writing post! What have I been up to recently? Well beside trying to survive in university while also maintaining some semblance of sanity not much really.

Lot’s of assignments and the such that have been keeping me busy, but I guess I’ve mostly just been playing Fallout 3 (my computer can’t run 4) while also taking loads and loads of naps.

It’s been great!


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