Chapter 1: Not Quite as Planned – Part 2

AN: Here’s the second part of chapter one! I’m getting through this at a pretty good pace, mainly because I’m not editing or really proofreading any of it… If you notice any mistakes or something you want to comment about feel free to, in fact it would be super helpful.

I also think I’ve finally got a plot idea for this, so hopefully a title idea will also come afterwards?

Chapter is after the jump!

Day 0001 Continued…

So it’s been about an hour since I’ve last wrote in the book. I spent that hour smacking my head against the tree for about twenty minutes for not checking the bottom of the bag earlier. If I knew I had no magic ability I would have just started to look for the nearest town or just any other humans as quickly as possible. Not spend two hours trying to cast a magic spell.

Oh well, what’s done is done… I guess.

I spent the other four minutes cutting a branch from the three and sharpening the edge into a point. The Caer hasn’t left me alone since, I’m not sure if it needs food or even sleep as it’s just stayed there sitting at the bottom of the tree looking at me this entire time.

It’s actually starting to creep me out a little. I’ve decided to try and stab it with my makeshift spear I’ve been crafting. Hopefully that’ll at least scare it away so I can get back down on the ground and make a dash for it.

I don’t really know where I’m going but hopefully it’ll be better than just sitting up here in this tree waiting to die from lack of food.

Well, no more delaying I’m going to try out my plan. Hopefully it all goes well.

Day 0001 Continued…

Yup. Not good. Not good at all.

Well maybe. Let’s see.

On the plus side the spear actually worked! I ended up jumping down on top of the rabbit, the extra weight ended up being enough for me go basically impale it through the head. It was a little bit… grizzly, but I’m glad that it’s at least gone now.

The weird thing is when the Caer died, it turned into a black smoke and faded away leaving only an amber crystal behind. It’s shaped like a small rectangle about five centimetres long, two wide and three thick. I haven’t really tried to do anything with it, but when I touched it did give me a weird feeling. It’s almost like if you were to put saran wrap over a faucet and the turn the water on slightly. Before the saran wrap would break, you would get this weird pushing sensation coming from it right? That’s what touching the crystal feels like.

The bad news though, is that the black smoke (whatever it was) ended up attracting two more Caers. So, I’m back up the tree again. My spear ended up breaking in two as it went through the first Caer’s skull so I’m once again weapon less.

All I’ve really gained from killing Caer, is a magic crystal I have no idea what to do with and a stinging sensation from my legs (oddly enough I really thought I would have sprained my legs or even broken them for the fall, I was betting on the body of the Caer to soften the jump at it disappearing did end up scaring me). I think the next line of action is to test out the crystal and see if I can’t end up casting some magic with it that will help me escape from the two Caers now sat below me.

So… we’re pretty much at stage one again… except now there’s two blood thirsty monsters under me.


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