Journal 0007

It’s New Years!

Getting rid of 2015 and accepting the new and great 2016! Another semester shoved full of classes.

Hopefully we won’t fail one of them this year.

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Journal 0006

So, winter break!

What is there to talk about… well I’ve sort of sts ted an audio journal now as well as this written one. That one will be be less edited and well also less eloquent. Hopefully the two journals will work in conjunction to help make me a more sane person.

Not sure that’s going to really work…

Anyways, I miss my girlfriend. Haha, I’m not even sure if we’re at that point officially, but I am going to call her that in my head and on this blog at least. I guess… well… when you get used to waking up in a bed next to someone it’s weird to have to go away and then wake up alone.

It really didn’t help that we essentially hung out for about two days straight before we left for the break. That may have been a mistake, it really only ended up causing me to miss her more.

Listen to me I sound like a fucking YA novel characther (which to be fair is something that they’ve called me quite often). In fact before our first kiss, a super black out drunk me, may have gone, “This doesn’t count.” before kissing her…

Goddammit, why am I so embarrassing. I don’t know, I think I may be in love, but it’s also still the first month so who knows. Hell, I’m only nineteen so who fucking knows really what love even is. I shouldn’t be so quick to try and label what I’m feeling for them, but like…

I feel like a stupid lovestruck teenager from a shitty YA novel. That’s what I feel like. A shitty shitty YA novel. I’m spouting lines, and constantly texting them. Goddammit.

Oh well, at least I’m enjoying myself. I mean I get to see them for new years, so that’ll be awesome! I’m probably going to fuck up the new year kiss, but you know there will be other years…. hopefully. Fingers crossed.

I think I’m rambled on enough for this entry.

Anyways, I hope you’ve had a merry Christmas and make sure that you have a happy new year, with resolutions that you can actually achieve!


Journal 0004

So I always choose the best moment to start blogging again, don’t I?

Exams are right around the corner and I’m not looking forward to them. At all. The amount of studying I’ve done is nowhere near enough. I’m really going to have to buckle down and start to work on getting serious studying done.

On the plus side since I don’t finish at the very end, I will have a couple of days where I can hang out and play video games and be a lazy mess before I head home for the winter break. Yay!

I’m properly going to get some sort of giant amount of beer to celebrate and get totally trashed with. It’s going to be great.

Anyways, I’ve got nothing really done today, so I’m going to try and sleep earlier so I at least go to class tomorrow. Haha.

This does mean no new chapters for a while, unless I’m procrastinating by writing, so who knows!