Journal 0004

So I always choose the best moment to start blogging again, don’t I?

Exams are right around the corner and I’m not looking forward to them. At all. The amount of studying I’ve done is nowhere near enough. I’m really going to have to buckle down and start to work on getting serious studying done.

On the plus side since I don’t finish at the very end, I will have a couple of days where I can hang out and play video games and be a lazy mess before I head home for the winter break. Yay!

I’m properly going to get some sort of giant amount of beer to celebrate and get totally trashed with. It’s going to be great.

Anyways, I’ve got nothing really done today, so I’m going to try and sleep earlier so I at least go to class tomorrow. Haha.

This does mean no new chapters for a while, unless I’m procrastinating by writing, so who knows!

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