Journal 0005

Alright let’s do this!

So exam week gas officially begun for me and I’ve already finished three of my six exams.

Dear god thsts super gross.

Anywyas I have three more to go, one on Saturday,  Monday and then next Thursday. Once I’ve got those done I’m probably going to hang around at my house playing video games and getting horribly drunk before I head back to my parents.

Ah, I can almost taste the blood alcohol poisoning.

But yeah, I’m exams have been stressful and I’ve been stressed and there’s just so much stress everywhere what the hell!

I’ve just started watching Jessica Jones by the way so far it’s awesome. David Tennant is a great Kilgrave! Great actor in general really.

I really need to start Broadchurch. Ergh. I bit the bullet and finally ended up getting Netflix for myself. Boo money, but yay for being able to legally watch so much shit.

So much. I’m heading over to. My sorta girlfriend’s place tonight? So at that’s going to be cool! Fuck. Just rode the bus too far… I think that’s my cue to end here!

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