Journal 0007

It’s New Years!

Getting rid of 2015 and accepting the new and great 2016! Another semester shoved full of classes.

Hopefully we won’t fail one of them this year.

Anyways, I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now blogging.  I don’t understand where my life has gone or went, oh wait no I do!

Friends. Damn late friends. I find that I’m usually the only person to show up at a time that I’ve agreed to show up at. There’s a plauge of lateness that stems all over my generation, and the one after it.

Always forgetting something or just not being ready on time. I seriously doubt how they even make it to classes.

Do none of then get anxiety and have to rush out the door? ’cause I get it all the time. I find that I usually have to consciously tell myself that I can leave later, when I already have all of my coats on and living in Canada that can be quite the ordeal to overcome.

Geez. Anywho (I’m only using this word because I’ve already used anyways what must be eight times) I’m heading up to a party that one of my girlfriend’s friend is throwing.

It’s bound to be slightly awkward but I do get to see her so that is a plus. It’s been like only a few days since I’ve last seen her but it feels much longer and it makes me feel like a little wuss. Haha, or more accurately a giant loser.

Oh the new anime season is starting up. I might try to blog something? If I do I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to the RC style of post, but I’ll probably be doing a more Kurogane style aniblog.

Anyways,  my friends finally here blog later!


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