A Method to Magic: Prologue – Part 1

AN: So here we go again! I’m rewriting this entire novel (you only had like three posts written, it’s not that big of a deal) because I’ve thought about what I was writing and come up with an actual plot and theme that I want to expand on! Anyways, here’s part one of the new prologue.

Chapter is after the jump!

The second hand on the clock on the wall ticked by and I fought to move my vision away from it and back towards the board at the front of the class. It was a balmy summer day and the inside of the classroom was sweltering, sweat dripped down my neck and I cursed the broken air conditioning for what must have been the ninth time today. With only ten minutes left to the class, and therefore ten minutes to the end of the day, the total attention span of the class could quite aptly compared to that of a drunken goldfish on cocaine.

The soft muttering of voices overlapping from the students droned out the sound of teacher, or more accurately; my voice. The only student really paying attention, sat right in the front row and she still taking notes, was the only reason I hadn’t stopped lecturing. Why she was still working so hard, I wouldn’t know. It’s the second to last week of school and aside from their exams (which would really only give them at most a boost of ten percent), there was no real point at paying attention.

Bored, bored, bored, bored. So bored. Why did I go into teaching? Oh right, I couldn’t find a job after college so this was the best thing I could do. Great job most of time, just dull when it comes near the end of the year, also teachers who show up drunk to class are usually looked down upon.

The sound of the school bell brought me out my trance as the students all begin to stand up and head out of the classroom. I let out a small breath of relief; soon I’ll be able to head back home, the land of air conditioning and alcohol.

“Sir, do you mind if I ask a quick question about the lesson today?” Super keen front seat student asked, and I fought the grumble that was about to come out of my mouth.

“Why of course!” Land of beer of and coolness will wait, I guess.

After thirty minutes of essentially going over the entire material covered today again, I was free to pack my things and leave the school and that was only because I made an excuse about being late for a meeting. I mean teacher’s pets are nice but sometimes I just don’t have the patience for them.

I’ve decided to take a quick detour and head home after stopping by to get some more liquor. The walk towards the store is a relatively quiet one, headphones in with music blaring blocks out the sounds of the street and the noises of traffic.

It was then that my life changed forever. I noticed off the corner of my eye a girl, couldn’t have been much older than about five or six wander into the street. She had chased a ball that had been kicked, thrown, tossed; it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that a sixteen wheeler was heading down the street towards her.  The next thing I knew I was moving, running towards her.

The first thing that I noticed when I came do was that there was something on my chest. The next thing I noticed was that I was not dead. Opening my eyes I was assaulted with a bright sunlight beaming down and I blinked away stars.

I was lying on the ground under a canopy of leaves. Odd, because first of all I was just in the suburb, which while having trees would not have enough to create the huge canopy that I was under, and second of all I was just hit by a sixteen wheeler and should either be dead or at least on the road bleeding out.

Instead, I was in what looks to be a forest of some kind, long untamed grass cushioned my head as I tried to figure out what the hell was happening. I noticed absently that the thing on my chest was a large leather bound book of some kind.

Sitting up off from the ground, I picked up the book gingerly and took a longer look at my surroundings. Tall trees that reached upwards towards the sky boxed me into the clearing that I was sitting in. A vast variety of shades of green filled my vision and I turned to look down towards the book in my hands.

Leather bound with no title on either side, I opened it up to find oddly enough it to be blank. Wait, no there’s something written on the first page.

To the owner of this book:

I hope that you weren’t hurt from the journey to this world.

I did as much as I could to ensure your safety, but because of that I was not able to do much else for you. There should be a small town nearby where you’ll be able to find board.

I’ve given you this book to help you. You’ll find that it will never run dry of pages and that the two covers at least are nigh indestructible. Hopefully we’ll meet in the future.

Your Benefactor

Well that’s just great. Where the hell am I?


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