Journal 0009

Sitting in the reception of the engineering counsel right now.

The receptionist is talking on the phone with someone in a hushed tone, I’m about one hundred percent sure it’s not work related.

It’s 2:34 now and my meeting was scheduled for 2:30. Does that bug me? A little, yeah.

Oh well, the reason I’m even sitting here is to go over my options for the upcoming years. Failing a course is like a fucking black mark and now I’m in rapid clean up mode trying to patch it over and make sure that I still get to graduate.

It’s probably going to mean that I end up having gone to so an extra semester of school. Which isn’t awful but means I’ll be graduating in 2020.

Jesus. Thst doesn’t even sound like a real year. It’s just so far away that I can’t comprehend it.

I’m scared. Sitting here waiting to hear about my future is terrifying.

I had to plan out the next four years of education I’m doing this morning and I tell you… That was weird and scary and gross.

I really just want to be with my SO right now, watching TV or just hanging out. I feel bad, they’re going through a lot right now and I’m just sitting around scared that this relationship is going to turn out like my last two.

With me just either done with someone or broken. Haha, isn’t that a great thing to think about?

2:38 now and still nothing. What’s the point in scheduling a time if the meeting isn’t going to happen.

I’m going to say something at 2:40 to the receptionist but I’ll probably just get terse response back.

Someone walked in and they’re talking to the receptionist…. Oh well there goes my action plan.

I really just want to get this meeting over with. I started playing a new game that I saw over my friends shoulder.

It’s called Dueyst and is really fun. It’s essentially a TCG mixed with a TRPG. It reminds me of Chain Chronicles a mobile game by Square Enix, except with more complicity and diverse game play.

I’m looking forward to exploring the meta and getting into it. Also destroying my friends. That’s important to me.

2:43 now and I will be –

Had the meeting and summited my forms to be signed. Smoked about three cigarettes on my walk there and back. Hahahaha.


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