Solo DnD – Tyranny of Dragons – Let’s Start

UPDATE: Wrote this a loooong time ago, just posting now because I forgot to post it.

Alright, so first things first we should get introduced to our first character who will be trying this insane quest to complete the campaign by themselves. You can read the post after the jump!

First of we have our Human Fighter! From the pre-gen character sheet we have a background solider, and as well as a little blurb to describe their personality.

“Measure twice, cut once. Or two or three times, whatever works. Maybe five.” You crave adventure like most people crave food or drink. You lived in any number of cities and villages during your time with the military, but no one place has ever truly felt like home-and you have slowly come to the conclusion that this is according to your preferences.

Alright, so it sounds like we have a very wanderlust filled thrill seeking fighter, maybe not the best choice for an adventure that’s going to take a lot of munchkining… Oh well, we can work with what we’re given. We are going to modify his bond however and roll for one the bonds included in the appendix of the book.

Rolling a d10 and we get an 8! Meaning here’s our new character bond:

The dragons destroyed everything you hold dear. They killed your family and destroyed your home. Now, with nothing but what you carry on your back and a horrid scar of the near fatal wounds you sustained in the attack you seek revenge.

Alright, so we have a thrill seeking former military solider that has had their entire family destroyed by dragons. Awesome, for roleplay purposes we’re going to make the fighter a male, and the scar on their face. It’s going to stretch across from one corner to the other, and be a dark red more like a burn scar than anything.

His name will be… Edvon Kin; taken from an online name generator. When he was young he had dreams of setting out and becoming an adventurer who went around the world kicking ass and saving the world one quest at a time. Tragedy struck though when he was only ten though when a horde of dragons came and burned the village he lived in to the ground. Left orphaned without a future, he chose to join the army in order to survive and to get training to eventually set out on his own in order to get revenge for his family. I’ll write up a full backstory in a better format later and have that as its own post, but for now we’ll go with this!

Alright so, let’s actually start!

Boxed Text:

“For the past several days, you have been traveling a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. Sundown is approaching when you top a rise and see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots a this distance and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the centre of the town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!”

Alright, so we have a huge amount of information right away, first things first is some general features. The half-moon and burning buildings of the village are giving a dim light throughout the town, fires run rampant throughout the town.

The first thing is an encounter called “Seek the Keep”.

Boxed Text:

Without warning, five humans dash out from between two buildings on your left. A limping man and three young children race across the street into more shadows, and a woman carrying a round shield and a broken spear turns and faces back in the direction from which they came. Eight kobolds stream out of the alley on the family’s heel and fan out around the women who looks determined to delay the creatures for as long as possible.

Well fuck, the first encounter in the adventure, and we have my lone fighter facing off eight kobolds, while having to make sure that a bunch of children survive. He’s totally going to die.

Okay first, priorities:

  1. Save as many children as possible.

Alright, first things first is that Edvon, hater of all things dragon, is going to leap in a like a giant hero and attempt to save the women. My reason behind this, is that Kobolds are known to be dragon worshipers and are dragon humanoids, both things that Edvon hates.

I’ve been in Greenest officially for about ten minutes and already the skies are on fire and monsters roam the streets about to kill a family. I really think that I must have pissed a god off at some point for there to be this much chaos in my life. I notice the women bring up her shield, her husband sporting numerous cuts and wounds and I find myself moving without my control. “It looks like you could use some help!” I shout out as I jump forwards, my longsword drawn and my shield readied.

So we get to roll initiative! We have Edvon, Linan Swift, Cuth Swift, eight kobolds and the small children.

Encounter 001: Seek the Keep:

Initiative Order:

  1. Edvon
  2. Children
  3. Kobold 8
  4. Kobold 5
  5. Kobold 4
  6. Kobold 7
  7. Cuth 9
  8. Kobold 1
  9. Kobold 6
  10. Kobold 3
  11. Kobold 2
  12. Linan 1

Pretty good initiative rolls and order, a little bit bad that Linan is going last, but hopefully the Kobolds won’t manage to kill her and her husband too quickly. Now let’s figure out where exactly everyone is on the map. I’m not the biggest fan of ridged box movement so I’ll just sketch out the map and then add some rough distances.

From the description, we can assume that Linan and her husband are going to be near the buildings on one side of the street, while the eight kobolds are on the others side, the kobolds are going to be in a triangle formation. We’ll say there’s about thirty feet in between them, and Edvon is in the middle of the two.

This is going to be a tough encounter, I keep mentioning it, but I’m just starting to realize just how hard this entire adventure, is going to be for me. When I came up with this idea, I thought that it would primarily be a nice way to get some DnD in my life, and that it would be hard, but not horribly difficult… Then I set up this first encounter with my shitty human fighter and now I’m just delaying playing it through, because it’s going to totally kill me…

Oh well, I knew what I was going to get into when I was making this up. Alright, let’s finally start this off and stop stalling.

First thing first is that Edvon is going to rush up and attack the closest Kobold. (I rolled all their hit points and I’ll keep that in an appendix that I’ll post up separately.)  Rolling a d20 + 5 and I get a 24! Then rolling for damage from our longsword is a, 1d8 + 3, which gives us max damage! Nice that kills off the first kobold! Phew, this is doing a lot better than I thought it would…

Now we have the children, they’re going to make a run for it. I’m going to make them a swarm of commoners so I’ll set their speed to 30 ft. The children are going to travel their full speed and then take a hide action, with disadvantage (two reasons for that: they’re a swarm of children and also it’s not the most ideal place to be hiding). They get a 4. Great, so they fail their hide check.

Kobold 8 is going to go and it’s not happy that its friend is dead so it’s in the back however so it’s going to attack with its sling, and because of Pack Tactics it has advantage on its attack roll. Rolling two d20 + 4 we get an 11 and a 19. Dammit, one higher than Edvon’s AC… We roll for damage (1d4 + 2) and we get: 6. Max damage, great.

Kobold 5 is going to do the same thing and attack with its sling. 7! Nice, doesn’t hit and therefore and no damage. Kobold 4 is going to run upwards and try to take a swing at Edvon. A giant 23 is going to be the sign of death… With another max damage to accompany it, Edvon drops to 0 on the dot.

…and he’s dead. Goddammit, oh well, we all knew that this was going to happen. I’m think we’ll leave this for now and next time we’ll go over the next character, oh well.

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