It just hurts. It hurts so much. I just have this gaping hole in my chest. I used to be able to sleep because I knew that someone loved me. Now there’s just nothing. No one loves me. Well that’s not true. People love me. I’m a friend, a son, a brother. That does make me feel better. Even a little.

I just miss them. I love them still. I want them to be happy but I want to hold them in my hands. I miss them so much. This can’t keep going on like this. If I see them I think I may just burst into tears. Why would they do this to me? 

Youn know the answer already. They don’t love you anymore. They care about you but they don’t love you. It’s over. You need to understand that. Even if there’s another chance you shouldn’t take it. They hurt you. You need to gather what little self respect you have, and let it go. What little little self respect. 


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