Journal 0015

Life is about making mistakes.

This I know, this I understand.

Life is about being hurt.

This I know, this I understand.

Life is about fighting your demons.

This I know, this I understand.

Yet, I also understand the relationship between the mass of a moving object and its momentum. I know that, I understand that. I can put that past me. I can forget it, I can remember it. I could care less about it.

So if I can understand one thing, and I understand another. Why can’t I treat them the same. Why can’t I treat the pain I’m having, that I know, that I understand the same way I treat the dozen facts I know about the goddamn mantis shrimp, which oddly enough can punch with enough force underwater to cause the a tiny portion of water to evaporate. This causes a cavitation effect that then creates a temperature equal to that of the surface of the sun. Tangential I know, I understand, but still cool.

I’m a dork. In case you haven’t noticed. I understand that, I know that. I would be a Ted Mosby, or a Ross if you prefer. Yet, for everything I think I know and understand I’m still hurting.

You like how this started out seeming like it would be bad poetry but just ended up being me rambling my thoughts? I do, it means there’s less bad poetry from me on the internet (and there is quite a bit). Oh god, I’m remembering now to my last break up, and the one before that. Just how much shitty writing I did trying to get my emotions sorted. I really do love writing, but I find that I can’t really do it easily, unless I’m hurting. Good for you I guess, as that means the number of posts I make is going to just increase exponentially.

Ah well, this’ll pass. That I know, that I understand.


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