Journal 0018

Friday 25th 7:00pm

There’s nothing like being on tumblr and looking at the breakup tag to make yourself feel like an over emotional wreck, mostly because you can find yourself agreeing with a of the sad quotes people are posting.

Went to all of classes today, that’s a plus I guess. I should write about something that isn’t depressing today.

I don’t really have the motivation to write. I’ll leave this for now and come back to it later before posting.

Friday 25th 9:00pm

Managed to iron out a lab that was giving me a lot of trouble, I guess that’s good? We had to create a filter that would denoise a specific audio signal that we were given. We managed to find the high frequencies of the signal we wanted to pass by creating a magnitude graph of the signal in MATLAB. We took the peaks from this signal and used the index values to create a the filter. It took a long time to figure out how to do everything as they also wanted to signal sampled, and the filter had to be truncated to fit a 256 array. The values had to also be scaled to work on the DSP board that we using which just adds another layer of complication and tedium to an already fucking tedious lab.

I’m going to head out for the night soon, going to a mate’s place to hang out and drink. Hopefully that’ll give me a boost in happiness? I don’t even know what I want to do with my life anymore.

Friday 25th 10:00pm

On the bus heading to my friends place. They live on the bus route as my ex partner. I was both terrified and hopeful of seeing them on the bus. I need to drink. A lot.

I can’t help but want to see them, I’m just sitting here wondering what they’re doing tonight. Are they hanging out with their friends, are the staying in? Are they seeing the dude they made out with last week? I don’t know. This is killing me.

I brought beer. I haven’t eaten anything today. Well I tried. I couldn’t stomach it. My stops soon, I’m going to out on a brave face and get trashed tonight.

Sunday 27th 8:00pm

I’m in an odd place right now both emotionally and physically. I had a really good time this weekend. Lost to Pokemon battle that I had with my friend on Friday, but we essentially just hung out afterwards for a couple of hours and that was really fun. Just sitting around and shooting the shit with no real concerns. On Saturday I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and was super happy that I loved it as much as I did. The general story was easy to follow and predictable, but the overall lore building that was placed into made up for that in spades, in my opinion. Afterwards, my friend convinced to go with them downtown. We did some pre-drinking where we talked about the breakup and how my ex-partner’s been taking it. It was really nice to be able to just vent out everything .

Downtown was pretty fun, we met a lot of randoms that we befriended as well as a couple of my friend’s friends from their hometown. We ended up leaving the bars around two to head back to my friends place. Sorta awkward because their roommate’s with my ex-partner, but they didn’t come home until the next day and I shared a bed with my friend so I didn’t actually interact with them. Smoked some green stuff, as well as tried a “fun” cigarette. Now that was new and different, something to cross off the bucket list of things that I’ve done. Overall it’s been a really good weekend, and I’m glad that it’s happened.


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