Journal 0022

Sooo, let me tell you about my night last night.

Currently, I have bronchitis. I had asthma when I was younger and I’ve had pneumonia which all means that my lungs are not the strongest.

Basically this means that I cough a lot normally when I’m not even ill. So with the bronchitis I’ve had quite possible some of the worst moments of my entire life.

Flashback to last night, where because I had an exam today I wanted to try and get some sleep. Instead the second I lied down I had a coughing fit. Nothing new, I’d been having them for the past couple of days but eventually they stopped and I could sleep.

This time though, the fit lasted for about three goddamn hours. Three hours. Three hours of coughing so hard that I felt like I was dying. Coughing so hard that I puked in my mouth about four times. Coughing so goddamn fucking hard and for so long that I literally broke down and just started to cry.

I sat there on the floor, crying for about ten minutes, while still coughing mind you.

This was one of the worst moments in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating. The pain, exhaustion and terror just consumed me. I had a mild moment of clarity and desperately started chewing gum. It sorta helped?

I was still coughing, but I could at least breath.

After about another hour I fell asleep?

But yeah. One of the worst nights of my life. Fuck, been having a lot of those recently.


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