It’s like a barb stuck on the back of your knee. You try to ignore it, to shake it. You know that there isn’t a point in pulling it. It would just hurt more coming out then it did going in, so you deal with it. You laugh about it, you point it out to your friends and make it a big joke.

Because if it’s a joke then it’s not real. It doesn’t matter, you can live with it.

You know it’s killing you.

You know that don’t you? That every time you ignore that barb it kills a part of you?

It’s going to be your end.

There’s no mistake. You won’t be the lucky person who doesn’t see anything because of it. It will haunt you and mean your end, this I promise. This I know. This I warn you of.

But you won’t care, you’re just going to smile and keep on doing what you’re doing. Regardless of what you really think inside. You’re just going to keep on doing what you’re doing, and there’s nothing that I, or you can do about it eh?

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