I’m a hopeless romantic.

I dream of chances untaken, of paths left untred, of people we aren’t.

I’m a terrible romantic.

I think of hurtful words, of petty actions, and all the things that could hurt someone. 

I fall in love more often than I admit.

It doesn’t take much. A fleeting glance leads to a feeling that builds into a fantasy. 

Though most of the time the feeling flees from my heart quicker than it came.

I weave these fantasies of futures that will never come and dream about the possibilities. 

I hope beyond hope for things that will never pass.

I am a lost romantic.

The feelings that I felt were so real that they now weigh my heart down.

It tears at my veins and chills my blood until I want to sleep to no end.

I’m a hopeless terrible lost romantic.

And- I don’t know when I’ll find myself.


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