Journal 0035

Going out on a date tonight at 6:30 with the tinder girl again- should probably actually give her a different name for the sake of blog posts…

Meh, depending on how this date goes I’ll figure something out.

At work right now… done for the day and don’t really have anything left to do. Going to be going home soon and well I am looking forward to that.

I have to shower, shave, change clothes and then get myself downtown- ugh. This is going to be a tiring evening. I’m still fighting off a cold so I’m still feeling pretty tired. The lack of coffee also does not help.

I’ll see about drinking a monster or something when I get home, have to bring the super charming game back tonight- yayyyyy.

Everything about dates just feels fake to me now, which I understand is just a byproduct of my current situation. She’s a really nice girl and I really do want to show them a good time at the very least. I mean, if I can make someone smile who normally wouldn’t have had the chance? (Well, that’s a bit… too much?) More along the lines if I get the chance to make someone smile, it means that personally I’m happy?

I guess?

I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore-

Well that’s not true, I do know that the new Power Rangers movie is going to be something I see at least three times in theaters.

Okay, so I know one thing.


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